Publish dateThursday 14 March 2024 - 12:42
Story Code : 287384
US intelligence assessment: China, Russia & Iran challenge American world order
The heads of US intelligence agencies in a report have named Iran, Russia and China as disruptors of US dominance in the world.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: In this report, which was released concurrently with the testimony of the heads of intelligence and security agencies in the US Congress, it is stated that the United States is under pressure due to competition among major powers, transnational challenges, and regional conflicts.
The heads of US intelligence agencies noted in this report that America is facing a "fragile world order," highlighting that the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, and China challenge long-standing international norms and America's priorities in threat assessment.
This is not the first time that the United States has accused other international powers, namely Iran, China and Russia, in its top-level documents.
Washington is concerned that China, along with Russia and Iran, is challenging the liberal international order created and supported by the Western world and undermining centuries-old Western dominance over the international system.
For this reason, Washington consistently adopts an aggressive approach towards its international and regional rivals such as China, Russia and Iran in its top-level documents and annual reports like the US intelligence community's comprehensive report, without acknowledging the role of the United States in creating crises in various regions worldwide and its hostile actions against its rivals./Pars Today
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