Publish dateSaturday 16 March 2024 - 12:01
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Hezbollah attacks military base of Zionist regime
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced on Friday night that another military base of the Zionist regime in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories has been targeted once again.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to al-Mayadeen network, Lebanon's Hezbollah issued statements and announced that the forces of this group targeted a Zionist force when they were entering the "Zareit" barracks with appropriate weapons.
Hezbollah added that this operation was successful and the target was hit by the missile.
The Lebanese Islamic Resistance also announced that they also targeted the gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers around the Yarin party with missiles.
Hezbollah fighters also directly hit the radar site in the occupied fields of Shabaa at 16:20. Hezbollah also added in another statement that the fighters of this Lebanese resistance group targeted the gathering place of the Zionist enemy soldiers in the vicinity of Barka Risha base with Berkan missiles at 16:00 this afternoon.
At 14:50 today, the fighters of the Islamic resistance of Lebanon targeted the gathering of Israeli soldiers near the 'Al-Rahab' base with artillery, and the cannonballs directly hit the target.
In another operation that was carried out at 14:50 on Friday, the soldiers of Hezbollah of Lebanon targeted the 'Al-Malkiyeh' base of the Zionist regime with a missile, and at 13:15, the Al-Maraj base of the Israeli regime came under the artillery of Lebanon's Hezbollah.
Heavy damages were inflicted on the Zionist enemy./IRNA
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