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The unity of the Islamic Ummah and the followers of religions is rooted in the Quran
Head Hajj department of Balkh Province said at the third gathering of reciting Quran in Sultania Masjid of Mazar-e-Sharif that the unity of the Islamic Ummah and the followers of different religions is rooted in the Quran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-Sharif: Maulavi Najibullah Karukhi, Head of Hajj department of Balkh province, said at the 3rd Ceremony of reciting Qur'an in the Sultania Masjid of the city of Mazar-Sharif: The unity of the Islamic Ummah and the followers of the Islamic religions is rooted in the Qur'an.

He added: "The rope and path to Almighty Allah is the Holy Qur'an on earth, therefore we should consider what is permissible by Allah as halal and what is forbidden by Allah is forbidden and avoid differences in order to be under the banner of the word monotheism."

Maulawi Karukhi stated that differences among the Islamic Ummah are considered a disease and contamination, and it is necessary for Muslims to pay a life and financial cost to consolidate unity and empathy.

Referring to the occupation of Afghanistan by America and the West, he said: the enemies of Islam wanted to sow seeds of discord and division among the Muslims of Afghanistan, but they did not succeed, and the unity of the followers of religions in the country is stronger than before because the ground for security and unity has been secured.

The head of Hajj depatment advised everyone to appreciate the current situation and governance and added that the consequences of the occupation and the hands of the enemies of the country are disappearing and weakening.

He acknowledged that it is necessary for the youth to get information about the principles of Islam and to know that there is no division and difference in the religion of Islam, because the followers of Islamic religions in Afghanistan do not differ in the principles, but there are minor differences in the branches.

Maulavi Karukhi considered it necessary to show the unity of the Islamic Ummah to every Muslim and said: The Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is pure, proud and united in the world.

In the second part of his speech, the Head of Hajj department of Balkh Province, referring to Israel's crimes in Gaza, said: the usurper Israel and its supporters killed the innocent and defenseless people in Gaza, although they are in the grip of hereafter and worldly punishment. They will because the destruction of Israel is a definite crime.

On the other hand, the organizers of this event said: The slogan of the third Anas event with the Qur'an was "the unity of Shia and Sunni is the two wings of the growth of Islam" and hundreds of Shias and Sunnis participated in this event and benefited from the sound of the words of revelation.

It should be mentioned that the activities of the office of Ayatollah Sistani in the northern provinces of the country have been accepted and welcomed by Sunnis and Shia, and this great authority of the Islamic world provides extensive assistance to Shia and Sunnis without discrimination.
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