Publish dateSaturday 30 March 2024 - 11:15
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America: The Islamic Emirate should fulfill its obligations in the field of fighting terrorism
The US State Department has emphasized that Washington will not allow Afghanistan to become a center of terrorism again.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "We are committed to ensuring that Afghanistan can never again be a center of terrorism, and we continue to call on the Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) to fulfill all of their counterterrorism commitments to the community," Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the ministry, said at a news conference Thursday. act internationally".

He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate to prevent terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS from having shelter in Afghanistan.

Miller also assured US allies that Washington is closely monitoring developments in Afghanistan and is ready to deal with any threats that may emerge from the region.

"The United States is alert to the evolving threat of terrorist groups, including the Khorasan branch of ISIS, and has had an unwavering focus on terrorism since President Joe Biden took office three years ago," Miller said.

He added that the United States is working "both unilaterally and with our partners to successfully eliminate threats around the world and weaken ISIS."

"We will continue to work to hold ISIS accountable for its actions and prevent terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western countries," Miller said.

This is while the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly emphasized that it will not allow Afghanistan's soil to be used against another country./Ariana
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