Publish dateSaturday 30 March 2024 - 13:42
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Continuation of Zionist crime in Shafa hospital in Gaza
A government official in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that the Zionist forces continue to brutally attack the Shafa medical complex and the surrounding buildings, announced that the Zionists are blowing up the houses around this hospital and the bodies of hundreds of martyrs are under the rubble.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Following the continued siege and barbaric attacks by the Zionist military on Shafa Hospital in the west of Gaza City and the surrounding area, "Mahmoud Bassal", the spokesperson of the Civil Defense in Gaza, announced yesterday Friday that the forces of the occupying regime.

This government official in Gaza said in a press statement that the bodies of hundreds of martyrs are lying on the ground around the Shafa Hospital, which we cannot reach. Many of these bodies are under the rubble and we urgently need an excavator to pull the bodies out from under the rubble.

He pointed out that the occupiers are constantly targeting Shafa hospital and stated that there are many requests for help in this hospital. The occupiers also target civil defense teams and medical personnel in hospitals.

Mahmoud Bassal clarified that the occupiers are deliberately targeting the equipment and vehicles of the civil defense department and we are severely lacking in logistics facilities and we are working with the minimum possible facilities. For years, the occupying regime has been preventing the entry of specialized equipment that we need to carry out our activities.

He condemned the occupation's brutal treatment of the Gaza civil defense teams and stressed that we are a civil organization, but the occupation is treating us like terrorists. The occupying regime is looking for the continuation of aggression and chaos in Gaza, and sending air aid is not useful, and the aid trucks that have entered Gaza so far are not responding to the needs.

Shafa hospital in Gaza has been under siege and brutal attacks by the occupying army since two weeks ago, and hundreds of medical staff, patients and refugees inside the hospital have been martyred or injured.

"Salama Ma'rouf", the head of the state media office in the Gaza Strip, announced that hundreds of civilians are being harassed by the occupying forces inside the Shafa medical complex. The Zionists have started massacring civilians in this hospital two weeks ago, and in addition, they are constantly targeting the entire area around this medical complex.

After the horrific and brutal crime committed by the occupying forces by raping women, including pregnant women, in Shafa Hospital and then martyring them, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch reported, citing reliable documents and evidence, that the soldiers of the Israeli army 13 children were executed in the Shafa hospital and its surroundings with direct gunshots, and these violations are still ongoing.

After talking with eyewitnesses of Israeli crimes in the Shafa medical complex and its surroundings, the Human Rights Watch field team found out that the Zionist soldiers intentionally committed the crime of killing and executing Palestinian children between the ages of 4 and 16.
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