Publish dateMonday 1 April 2024 - 11:23
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Gaza ceasefire talks will resume today
A number of Arab media have reported that the ceasefire negotiations in Gaza will resume today (Sunday) in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Cairo Egyptian media reported that indirect talks between Hamas and Tel Aviv will resume on Sunday in the Egyptian capital.
On the other hand, Channel 12 of the Zionist regime announced in a report that a delegation of representatives of the regime's foreign spy agency (Mossad), the regime's internal spy agency (Shabak) and the army's intelligence unit will be sent to Cairo tomorrow, Sunday, to discuss the ceasefire.
An Egyptian official also announced in an interview with "Al-Arabi" TV channel: The ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas will resume tomorrow, Sunday, in Cairo.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Abdul Hadi, one of the senior officials of the Hamas movement, pointed out that the US and the Zionist regime continue to maneuver in negotiations and have proven that they are not looking for an agreement, and said that if there is no guarantee to stop the war, the resistance will not be under the burden of signing any agreement.
It should be mentioned that in recent weeks, despite several rounds of negotiations in Doha, Qatar and Cairo, no agreement has been reached.
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