Publish dateThursday 4 April 2024 - 10:29
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The Consul General of Afghanistan in Karachi demanded the release of the equipment of a demining institute
The Consul General of Afghanistan in Karachi, in a meeting with the head of customs of this city, demanded the release of the equipment of the Peach Trust demining institute, which has been impounded in the port of Karachi since a year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The media reported that Maulvi Syed Abdul Jabbar Takhari, Acting General of the Afghan Consulate in Karachi, met Wajid Ali, Director General of Karachi Customs.

It is said that in this meeting, the head of the Afghan consulate talked about the clearance of a container carrying demining tools and equipment belonging to the Peach Trust Demining Institute, which has been stopped in Karachi port for a year, and asked for his cooperation in this regard.

According to Bakhtar, Wajid Ali, the head of Karachi Customs, has pledged to cooperate in this matter.

According to this media, most of the demining institutions in Afghanistan are facing the problem of lack of equipment, and Afghanistan's contamination with mines and unexploded materials since the war has caused serious problems to people's lives and property, and recently in two explosion incidents. Ten children were killed by unexploded ordnance.
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