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The latest details of the terrorist attack on the two cities of Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran;

The hostages were released in Chabahar, Iran/ 12 terrorists were killed

The hostages were released in Chabahar, Iran/ 12 terrorists were killed
Following the attack last night and the early morning of this Thursday, 16 attacks by terrorists on the two cities of Rask and Chabahar in Sistan and Baluchistan province of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the spokesman of the Iranian police announced the release of the hostages taken by the terrorists in Chabahar. The security deputy of the Ministry of Interior of Iran also said that the attack of the Jaish al-Zalum terrorist group on Chabahar and Rask cities was met with 100% failure and 12 terrorists were killed in these three operations.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Saeed Montazer-ul-Mahdi, referring to the failed attack by several terrorist teams on the Chabahar Police and Admiralty headquarters, said: This action took place at around 30:00 this morning (12:30 at night) and the terrorists followed it. They faced resistance and exchanged fire with the mentioned police forces. During this operation, a number of terrorists were killed and a number of others were injured.

According to Isna, he stated that a number of terrorists entered a residential complex while fleeing and took several members of the families living there hostage, and said: The situation was immediately under the control of the police and a few minutes ago with the arrival of special police forces, the hostages were taken away. They were freed from the terrorists.

According to the spokesman of the Iranian police, as a result of the exchange of fire between the security defenders and the terrorists, one of the security defenders was injured and two others, including the deputy of the 11 Chabahar police station, were martyred.

But regarding the other details of these terrorist attacks, the official of Sistan and Baluchistan province has informed about the unsuccessful terrorist attack on the military headquarters in Rask and Chabahar of this province.

According to ISNA, the terrorist group known as Jaish al-Adl (Jaish al-Zulm) has taken responsibility for these operations in an announcement. In the early hours, the deputy security minister of Iran announced the siege of terrorists and the martyrdom of 3 security forces. The security forces in Sistan and Baluchistan, after repelling terrorist attacks and controlling the situation, are cleaning up the contaminated areas.

In an interview with Iran Radio and Television this morning, Mir Ahmadi said: "The situation in Rask and Chabahar is under control, and there have been no conflicts except Rask and Chabahar, and the cleanup operation has started in Rask and Chabahar."

Mirahmadi added that in Chabahar, all 3 terrorists who tried to enter Daryabani were killed and the operation in Daryabani area has almost ended. In Rask, the terrorists were completely defeated and surrounded by security forces.

Mirahmadi said that 12 terrorists have been killed so far.

On Thursday, Seyyed Majid Mirahmadi said about the latest details of the conflict in southern Sistan and Baluchistan: the Jaish al-Zalum terrorist group simultaneously carried out terrorist operations in Chabahar and Rask cities, but failed to penetrate and capture the IRGC headquarters in Rask.

He added: The terrorists' goal after capturing these places was to martyr all the security guards in these headquarters, but with the grace of God and the bravery of the security guards, the blind action of this group met with a hundred percent failure.

The deputy security and law enforcement minister of Iran continued: In Rask, a number of terrorists are under complete siege and have no choice but to surrender or be killed. One terrorist was killed in the attack on the military headquarters of this city.

He said: "In Chabahar, the terrorists were defeated by the resistance of IRGC forces and Jan Barkfan's security forces, and after entering a residential building, they took a number of hostages, and with the efforts of the IRGC forces, these people are being released, in this operation as well." Five terrorists were killed and the suicide vests they were wearing exploded.

Mirahmadi said: In the attack on Chabahar naval headquarters, thanks to the grace of God, the bravery and preparation of the security guards, three terrorists were killed in this headquarters and this operation also failed.

The Deputy Security Minister of the Interior of Iran added: In these operations, five IRGC and Faraja forces were martyred and 10 people were injured. Currently, the situation in Rask and Chabahar is normal and there is no special problem.
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