Publish dateMonday 15 April 2024 - 11:05
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Amir Abdollahian: Iran
Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, said that if the Zionist regime takes a new action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, it will definitely face a very strong response.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Iran's Foreign Minister emphasized that this limited action was aimed at deterring, punishing and warning the Zionist regime, and if this regime takes a new action against the Islamic Republic of Iran, it will definitely be met with a very strong response.
According to ISNA, Amir Abdullahian, while positively evaluating the position of Russia regarding the legitimate action of our country, considered the role of this country in ending the crimes of the Zionist regime in the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the continuation of aggression against Palestine and preventing the escalation of tension in the region as important.
In this telephone conversation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, while deploring the opposition of some countries in condemning the Zionist regime for the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, said in the previous meeting of the United Nations Security Council: "We had no doubt that Iran would respond to the attacks of the Israeli regime on The consular section of the embassy will respond and we believe that the process of taking this action is based on a responsible and restrained response.
In the end, the Russian Foreign Minister expressed hope for the reduction of tensions in the region.
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