Publish dateTuesday 16 April 2024 - 12:50
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French demonstrators praise Iran for retaliation against Israel
Pro-Palestinians in France gathered the day after what was reported to be the first peaceful night in Gaza in six months.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: The reason for this was that the night before Iran had launched a historic missile retaliation against Israel, which prevented Tel Aviv from continuing its attempt at genocide and ethnic cleansing.
At the demonstration, there was widespread approval, support and even gratitude and admiration for Tehran's counterattack against the unprecedented bombing assassination at the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus.
I'm not an anti-Semite, and as a Muslim, I want us all to live together peacefully. But I see Iran's attack as something good on their part.
Iran is the only major country which has had the courage to attack Israel and defend Palestine's innocent civilians.
This war can easily stop if Israel can finally realize that they are attempting genocide.
Those who are occupiers do not have the right to legitimate defense.
But Iran does have the right and they use it to defend Gaza as well.
Israel bombs and assassinates people constantly. How can people forget about what Israel has done?
After mentioning the possibility of placing sanctions on Israel over Gaza, he immediately backtracked the next day in front of Parliament.
The French government is an accomplice in the genocide that Israel is waging right now.
Why aren't there any sanctions despite all these deaths? And when France talks so much about defending human rights, it is simply shameful.
French forces claim to have contributed to Israel's defense.
In a major blow to Israeli hopes of escalating the violence, Washington has already refused to join any potential Israeli attack on Iran.
It's uncertain if the cycle of Israeli assassination and Iranian retaliation is now concluded.
Nevertheless, Israel has already returned to its campaign of indiscriminate bombing and mass murder in Gaza despite six months of global outrage, the murder of 34,000 Palestinians and 76,000 injuries.
Will Israel pursue an even wider war?
Will more Arab nations be inspired to join the cause of defending Gaza?
What is certain, however, is that many are happy that, for one night at least, the guns aimed at Gaza civilians finally fell silent./Press tv
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