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Bombing of Rafah in the south of Gaza / attack on American bases in Syria
The bombing of Rafah and the martyrdom of 27 Palestinians, the missile attack on American bases in Syria and the anti-Zionist operation in occupied Jerusalem are among the most important developments of the morning of the 199th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: On the 199th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Israeli regime's air attack on Rafah continues and the number of martyrs of Rafah bombings in the south of the Gaza Strip has increased to 26 people in the last 24 hours.

The Ministry of Public Health of Gaza announced yesterday in its latest statistics that the number of martyrs in Gaza has reached 34 thousand 097 and the number of injured has reached 76 thousand 980 since October 7.
This ministry announced that the Zionist regime committed 5 killings in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours, as a result of which 48 people were martyred and 79 others were injured.

Follow the most important developments of the 199th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

The number of Rafah martyrs increased to 26 people in one day
Palestinian local sources reported that the number of martyrs in Rafah bombings in the south of the Gaza Strip reached 26 people in the last 24 hours.

Anti-Zionist operation in occupied Jerusalem
The media of the Zionist regime reported about the anti-Zionist operation in the occupied West Jerusalem.
As a result of being run over by a car in West Jerusalem, two Zionists were injured.

Hezbollah's rocket attack on the gathering of Israeli soldiers in Al-Dahira base
The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon announced in its first statement that the fighters of the resistance targeted the gathering of the Zionist regime's soldiers around the "Al-Dahira" base with their rocket attacks and caused casualties to the Israeli regime.

The Zionist Army confirmed the downing of its drone in Lebanon
  The spokesman of the Israeli army confirmed this Monday morning that its drone crashed inside Lebanon after being hit by a surface-to-air missile.

An hour ago, Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that it had intercepted and destroyed an Israeli drone in Al-Aishiyah area.

Nearly 70 percent of Zionists do not believe Netanyahu's claim of victory
Israel's TV Channel 13 conducted a survey based on which 68 percent of Israelis said they did not believe Netanyahu's claim that victory in the war was close.

Six Palestinians were injured in the Zionist attack in the West Bank
The Palestinian Ministry of Public Health announced that a mass attack by Zionist settlers on the village of Barqa in the east of Ramallah resulted in the wounding of six Palestinians.

The Zionist settlers attacked this village in the West Bank a few hours ago and set fire to the fields and property of the Palestinians.

America's deadline for Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime in the case of normalizing relations
Haaretz claimed that in a message to Saudi and Saudi Arabia's top officials, America announced the end of May as the deadline for its efforts to normalize relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Sputnik: The location of the American troops has been attacked
The Russian news agency Sputnik, citing its reporter, claimed that the residence of American soldiers in the "Kharab Al-Jeer" base was targeted by an attack.

Details of missile attacks on US bases in Syria
According to news sources, two American bases in Kharab Aljir and Omar oil field were hit by several missiles and drones.

The above attacks were carried out after a two-month halt in attacks on American bases in eastern Syria.
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