Publish dateTuesday 23 April 2024 - 14:36
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Since the beginning of the conflict with Russia, Ukraine has lost a total of 796 tanks, some of which were donated by the United States.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Recently, the destruction of American weapons has become a troublesome issue for the Americans amidst the war in Ukraine. In this regard, The New York Times wrote: “American-made tanks on the battlefield are being targeted and destroyed by Russian drones.”
The New York Times reported that the Ukrainian army has lost five of its Abrams tanks over the past two months, mainly due to drone attacks.
The New York Times wrote that the drone battle in Ukraine, which has transformed modern warfare, has inflicted deadly casualties on one of America's most powerful symbols of military the tank.
According to the article, depending on the size and complexity of drone technology, these drones can cost at least $500, which is a meager investment to destroy an American $10 million Abrams tank.
This American media also reminds in its report that Ukraine has lost a total of 796 tanks since the beginning of the conflict with Russia.
Moreover, Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector and former US intelligence officer, said, "The latest equipment purchased for Ukraine with the US Congress budget will be destroyed by Russia by July."
Ron Johnson, a Republican Senator from Wisconsin, also revealed in this regard that the new aid package for Ukraine and other countries is considered useless for the United States.
He said, "We’re gonna further mortgage and plunder our children’s future. We spend close to $900 billion on defense, but every time there’s some kind of defense action seems like we need to do a supplemental. "
He added that the priority should be ensuring border security before spending such amounts./Pars Today
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