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The start of the second round of Iran
The second round of the elections of the 12th term of the Islamic Council of Iran to elect 45 representatives at 8:00 a.m. this Friday, May 10, in 15 provinces and 22 constituencies of this country, has started with the order of the Minister of Interior of Iran and the voting of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Iran's Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi officially announced the start of the second phase of the Islamic Council elections this morning at the country's election headquarters. He added: We hope that this stage will be completed with the glorious presence of the Iranian people at the polls and the election of 45 more candidates from parliament.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Hazrat Imam Khamenei (may God bless him and grant him peace) this morning, after casting his vote in this stage of the elections of the Islamic Council of Iran in Imam Khomeini's Hosseiniyeh (RA), emphasized that the second stage of the election is as important as the first stage. They said: Elections in themselves are a fundamental and important task for the country and for the people. Elections are a sign of people's presence and the will and decision of the people, so the national duty of every person who wants the country to progress and work and get closer to great goals is to participate in the elections. 
According to IRNA, in this round of elections, 90 candidates of the Islamic Council have competed for the election of 45 representatives in 22 constituencies. These districts include: Tabriz, Shabestan, Midane, Parsabad, Semiram, Lanjan, Karaj, Tehran, Varamin, Birjand, Mashhad, Abadan, Ramhormoz, Khodabande, Zanjan, Shiraz, Maroodasht, Khorramabad, Qaimshahr, Malayer, Kermanshah and Gonbadkavus.
According to the announcement of the Election Headquarters of Iran, about 11 thousand 500 branches have been considered for the second stage throughout the country and the elections in this stage in 8 constituencies of Tabriz, Tehran, Abadan, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Qaimshahr and Malair. All is held electronically.
In the Tehran constituency, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Interior of Iran, the number of valid votes cast in the first stage was 1,569,857, and 14 candidates entered the parliament directly, and 32 others entered the second stage of the election. who are competing for the remaining 16 seats in Baharestan today.
According to the law, those who voted in the first round in the same constituency can participate in the elections of a constituency in the second round. Also, people who did not vote in the first round can vote in this period.
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