Publish dateSaturday 11 May 2024 - 09:22
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The resignation of the head of the propaganda diplomacy apparatus of the Zionist regime
The Zionist media reports the resignation of the head of the diplomacy department of public propaganda of the Zionist regime (Hasbara).
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Israel's Hebrew-language newspaper Hume reported that Moshek Aviv, the head of the Zionist regime's Public Propaganda Diplomacy (Hasbara), resigned from his position.
According to IRNA, Aviv was heavily criticized due to Tel Aviv's inability to implement successful propaganda campaigns in the face of the Palestinian side's narrative that has been widely spread around the world.
The head of the public diplomacy (propaganda) apparatus of the Zionist regime was appointed to this position about a month before the October 15 operation.
Israel's Public Propaganda Diplomacy (Hasbara) works to spread positive information about Israel and its actions in other countries of the world. The effort of this department is to erase and diminish the crimes of Israel and to deal with negative pressure and media propaganda against the Zionist regime.
According to IRNA, the Palestinian resistance groups started the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation from Gaza (southern Palestine) against the positions of the Israeli regime on 15 October 2023, which finally ended after 45 days of fighting and fighting, on the third of the 1402 (November 24, 2023). ) A four-day temporary ceasefire was established between Hamas and Israel for the exchange of prisoners.
This pause in the war continued for seven days and finally on the morning of Friday 10th of October (December 1, 2023) the temporary ceasefire ended and the Israeli regime resumed attacks against Gaza.
In order to compensate for its failure and stop the resistance operations, this regime has closed the crossings of the Gaza Strip and is bombing this area.
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