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Conducting a non-strategic nuclear weapons exercise by Russia and Belarus
The authorities of Russia and Belarus announce their readiness to hold a joint exercise using non-strategic nuclear weapons.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International service: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the ministries of defense and the general staff of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus have already received the necessary instructions and jointly prepared the conditions for conducting an exercise using weapons.
According to the report of Tasnim International News Agency, quoted by "Novosti" news agency, Putin told reporters: Since non-strategic nuclear weapons are located on the territory of Belarus, this time we invited friends and allies of Belarus to participate in some stages of this exercise. do Relevant orders have been given to the Ministries of Defense and the General Staff of our armies, and they are conducting the necessary exercises together.
The President of Russia reminded: This exercise will focus on the preparation of tactical nuclear weapons. This time, it will be held in three stages, and in the second and third stages, Belarusian soldiers will join the Russian forces. According to him, such training exercises are done regularly and this is a planned work.
Alexander Lukashenko, who was standing next to Putin, added that this is the third time that his country participates in such exercises.
The Belarusian president explained that the first stages of the respective exercises were conducted separately in both countries, but now Moscow and Minsk have decided to coordinate and hold the event jointly. According to him, training with tactical nuclear weapons is necessary so that the troops can use them properly when necessary.
He stressed: For Belarus and Russia, nuclear weapons are exclusively a deterrent and not an offensive tool, but the two countries will certainly respond to a possible attack by third countries.
Lukashenko, pointing out that Belarus joined these exercises on his own initiative, added: The public announcement of the joint exercise between Russia and Belarus using tactical nuclear weapons is a result of the escalation of tensions in the world. Moscow and Minsk want peace and do not want Ukraine to become a springboard to attack them.
Two days ago, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the start of a surprise inspection of non-strategic nuclear weapons carriers stationed in the country. In addition, the National Security Council also noted that Belarus will test the combat readiness of its armed forces to use weapons capable of using tactical nuclear ammunition.
The Ministry of Defense of Russia, for its part, announced before that that the Southern Military District will conduct exercises with missile weapons, and the naval fleet and aerospace forces will participate in this exercise. The exercise will focus on the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, as it is necessary to maintain the readiness of personnel and military equipment in response to increasing provocations by Western countries.
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