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The 218th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation; Continued bombing of residential areas in Gaza
The war in Gaza has entered its 218th day as the bombardment of the northern areas of Gaza has intensified and the occupiers are frantically targeting residential houses in Gaza City.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The 218th day of the war in Gaza has passed and in a situation where the international community is worried about the occupation army's ground attack on the city of Rafah; The Israeli authorities are still insisting on a ground attack on this city full of displaced people, while the airstrikes have continued non-stop against various areas of Gaza, especially Rafah.

In the meantime, Israeli army fighters targeted several residential houses in Rafah city, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, as well as the Jabalia camp in the north of Gaza, from late last night, Friday night, until the early hours of the morning.

Israeli army: Hamas has reorganized its forces
The Israel Hum newspaper, citing sources in the Israeli army, reported that the Hamas movement, despite the attack of the Zionist army on Gaza City and El Zeitoon neighborhood, was able to organize its forces in this neighborhood, and this issue has caused the Israeli army forces in the settlement. We don't want them to be in danger.

Palestinian resistance targeted Israeli soldiers and armored vehicles
Al-Quds trenches, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, announced that it targeted enemy soldiers and armored vehicles that were infiltrating around El-Zitoun Hospital in El-Zitoun neighborhood in southern Gaza.

Destruction of an Israeli army personnel carrier in Rafah
Al-Qassam trenches, the military wing of the Hamas movement, announced the destruction of an Israeli army personnel carrier near the Rafah crossing located in the south of the Gaza Strip.

Hizbollah targeted the al-Mutla base of the Israeli regime
In its first statement, the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon announced that in line with supporting the resistant people of Palestine and supporting its brave and honorable resistance and in response to the crimes of the Zionist regime against the villages and civilians in southern Lebanon, especially in Tayrharfa, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance built a building in The military base of the Israeli regime, "Al-Mutla", where the Israeli soldiers were stationed, was targeted with appropriate weapons, and as a result, it caused definite losses to the enemy.

Intense clashes in Gaza City
News sources reported that heavy clashes are going on in the "Al-Zitoun" neighborhood of Gaza City and the Zionist regime's fighters continue to bombard the houses and infrastructure of this neighborhood.

Another journalist was martyred in Gaza along with his family
Following the bombing of a house in the Jabalia camp located in the north of Gaza, Palestinian journalist "Baha Akashe" was martyred along with his wife and child.

With the testimony of this reporter, the number of media martyrs in Gaza increased to 143 since the beginning of the war.

20 martyrs during night and morning Zionist attacks on Gaza
Palestinian media reported that 20 people were martyred and dozens more were injured in the attacks last night and this morning on different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Pro-Palestinian students changed the name of the Harvard University building
The pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel war against Gaza students at Harvard University, at the same time as a new round of anti-Zionist demonstrations and solidarity with Gaza, changed the name of one of the university's buildings in Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, to Shirin Abu Aqleh.

Shirin Abu Aqleh was a Palestinian Christian journalist who was directly shot and killed during the news coverage of the attack of the Zionist forces on the Jenin camp in 2022. The Israeli regime was forced to belatedly admit that this Al Jazeera journalist was killed by the Israeli forces.

  France demanded an immediate stop to military operations against Rafah
On Saturday morning, the French Foreign Ministry called on the Zionist regime to immediately stop the military attack on Rafah and return to the path of negotiations to reach a ceasefire agreement and exchange of prisoners.

Targeting Zionist soldiers in the north of occupied Palestine
Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that early this Saturday morning, its fighters targeted the building where Israeli soldiers were stationed in the occupied town of Al-Mutla, in response to the regime's recent attacks on southern Lebanon, as well as in support of the Palestinian people and resistance. has put his attack.

According to Hezbollah, this attack was carried out with appropriate weapons and the aggressor soldiers were directly targeted by this attack.
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