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The continued blocking of Afghan assets by the US is against international laws
Political affairs experts consider the US and the West to continue to freeze the assets of the Afghan people of about 9 billion dollars as against international laws and say that this has caused a heavy blow to the banking system in the country. They also welcome the economic-oriented foreign policy of the Islamic Emirate and add that following the economic-oriented foreign policy allows the country to gain credit and also provides access to benefits.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: With the fall of the previous government, more than 9 billion dollars of Afghan assets were frozen by the United States, and this has dealt a heavy blow to the banking system in the country and has also caused problems for businessmen.

Various senior officials of the Islamic Emirate have repeatedly said in their speeches that the caretaker government of Afghanistan follows an economy-oriented foreign policy.

At the same time, Mohammad Akram Azimi, a university professor and expert in political affairs, in an interview with AVA reporter about the Islamic Emirate's adoption of an economy-oriented foreign policy, says that this policy affects the country's economic performance through two channels, economic and political, first from the economic channel, trade It boosts the international so that a country, in addition to meeting its own needs, has the ability to export its goods and services to other countries.

He stated that the economy-oriented foreign policy attracts foreign capital and expands the process of financial, economic and commercial negotiations, adding that this policy will help the economic situation caused by various factors, including the blocking of nearly 9 billion The dollar is Afghanistan's asset in the US, it improves the system and moves the country's economy from the current state to the desired state.

Mohammad Akram Azimi stated that economy-oriented foreign policy allows the country to gain credit and provides access to benefits.

According to him, the ultimate goal of economy-oriented foreign policy is to develop relations between the Islamic emirates at all international, regional, and bilateral levels, increase national authority, wealth, and raise the global and regional status of the country.

This political expert adds that economy-oriented foreign policy facilitates, forms and institutionalizes the process of developing economic relations with all countries, reduces the costs and risks of transnational exchanges, and achieves internationally accepted standards in production, trade and development through the consolidation of a suitable political environment. The global network of communications, energy and national transportation helps.

He also asks the Islamic Emirate to put the policy of positive and active neutrality at the top of its foreign policy.

Mr. Azimi, referring to the continued freezing of the assets of the Afghan people by the US, said that the continued freezing of these assets had harmful consequences for the Afghan people.

He says that according to international laws, America has no right to block the assets of a country.

This political expert called the freezing of the country's assets one of the actions against international laws and arbitrary by the Western powers.

He added that if the economic-oriented foreign policy and positive and active neutrality foreign policy are realized by the Islamic Emirate, these two policies will undoubtedly benefit Afghanistan and its people.

Azami stated that the international community wants to interact with the Islamic Emirate in accordance with their goals and added: "The Western powers, especially America, want to interact because of the fight against the influence of China and Russia, and China and Russia because of the fight against the influence and dominance of the Western powers. They are with the Islamic Emirate."

He said that according to Islamic teachings and values and the national interests of the country, the Islamic Emirate should overcome the obstacles to international recognition by adopting various programs, including ending the caretaker government and establishing a permanent comprehensive government with the presence of the Islamic Emirate forces and other experts.

He stated that the majority of the Afghan people did not agree with the policies of America and NATO during the republic, and added that the majority of the Afghan people were Muslim, religious and opposed to corruption, the occupation of the country, and the policies dictated by America and NATO in their country.

This political expert also asked the Islamic Emirate to consult and talk with religious scholars and experts in various scientific fields about the way out of the current situation, considering that the principle of council and consultation is one of the pillars of Islamic teachings.
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