Publish dateSunday 12 May 2024 - 11:15
Story Code : 290230
Poll: Majority of American univ students support Gaza, Hamas
An opinion poll recently conducted by American newspaper, the New York Post showed that an overwhelming majority supported the people of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Monitoring: 63 percent of American university students who were surveyed declared solidarity with Hamas, According to IRNA's Sunday morning report from the Palestinian Sama news agency.
Base on the same report, 65 percent of students also supported protests in solidarity with Palestine and the people of Gaza. 43 percent respondents were those who have participated in the ongoing campus protests.
According to this survey, 15 percent of the participants in demonstrations also believe that the Israel regime should not exist.
The survey comes as anger continues to flare up on university campus over the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza and the US government’s backing to the regime.
The protest that began in New York’s Columbia University on April 18 has now spread to dozens of universities and colleges across the United States and spilled over to academic institution of other countries, including Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia.  
Earlier, CNN announced that at least 50 professors and more than 2,400 students have been arrested since the pro-Palestine protests and encampments began on American university campuses.  
Divestment from Israeli-linked firms is one of the key demands of the protesters but they also denounce the policies of the administration of President Joe Biden with all-out support for the Israeli regime and its genocidal war on Gaza./IRNA
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