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In Afghanistan, the United Nations should pay more attention to the views of neighboring countries than any other party!
Following the visit of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Afghanistan and the head of UNAMA to Tehran and a conversation with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, the spokesperson of the ministry responded to the question of the Ava reporter about the gap between the approach of the UN and the powers of the region, including the Islamic Republic of Iran. Afghanistan issues, especially around the issue of choosing a special representative of this organization, he emphasized: The United Nations should pay attention to the views of neighboring countries more than any other party in relation to its approaches to the issue of Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, who spoke yesterday on Monday, May 13, during his weekly meeting with journalists, this time at the Tehran International Book Fair, answered the question of the AVA reporter in The case of the visit of the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Afghanistan to Tehran and the conversation with the Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, and the fact that the UN's approach to the Afghanistan issue and the issue of appointing a special representative seem to be in line with the views of regional powers, including Iran. 

He said: The issue of Afghanistan and helping peace, security and sustainable development in this country is now an international duty and responsibility, and naturally the United Nations has its own responsibility in this regard.
Of course, Kanani pointed out that what we are witnessing in the current situation in Afghanistan is the result of 20 years of occupation by the American government and the irresponsible actions of this country and some of its allies.

Based on this, he clarified that the neighboring countries are affected by its negative effects more than any other side regarding the continuation of instability and in other words the current situation in Afghanistan. Therefore, it is the right of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan to have peace and stability. Security and sustainable development in this country is more concerned and worried than any other party, therefore, it has the right to advise the United Nations to pay attention to the views of neighboring countries more than any other party in connection with its approaches to the issue of Afghanistan. 

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran pointed out that the approach of the Islamic Republic is to help the UN missions in order to use international capacities to help strengthen the political process and economic development of Afghanistan, and Iran is an important player in regional multilateral mechanisms. It is constructive and uses this common capacity in helping to develop stability and security as well as the economy of Afghanistan. Accordingly, with such an approach, Iran will discuss and cooperate with the UN special representative and will continue its constructive activities in regional multilateral mechanisms.

At the same time, Ali Bagheri, Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, in a meeting with Roza Etanbayeva, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Afghanistan, pointed out the destructive role of the United States in the 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan, and emphasized that the approach of international organizations in Afghanistan should The priority should be to provide the interests of the people and guarantee the security of Afghanistan, the development of this country and the improvement of the living conditions and welfare of the Afghan people.
Afghanistan should stick to Iran
On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, in response to another question about the construction of the Pashdan Dam on the Harirud River in Afghanistan, and the issue of obtaining Iran's title, said: The basis for receiving Iran's title from Afghanistan is based on a stable and legal treaty between the two countries before It is signed and authorized.
He continued: Our expectation from Afghanistan's caretaker authorities is that, in addition to words, they will adhere to Iran's rights to water resources upstream and not take any action in the upstream areas that would prevent Iran from achieving its rights.
While Afghanistan and Iran do not have any agreement regarding the use of the Harirud River, but there is an important treaty of 1351 regarding the right of this country to the Helmand/Hirmand River, and following the recent rains in Afghanistan, from a few weeks to On the other hand, Iran's demand from Helmand is also being paid, which has reached more than 300 million cubic meters.
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