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Conditions are suitable for investment in Afghanistan/we are ready to transfer experiences
Officials of various companies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul consider Afghanistan's conditions suitable for investment and activities of Iranian companies and say that Iranian investors and companies are ready to invest and transfer their experiences in various fields to Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The seven-day national and international exhibition of Industry Week (Sunday, May 12) was held in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chamber of Industries and Mines and the Afghanistan International Exhibition Center with the presence of senior officials of the Islamic Emirate, representatives of the embassy Foreigners, traders and investors were officially opened at the Afghanistan International Exhibition Center.
In another part of this exhibition, investors and officials of companies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have also displayed the services and products of their companies.
Hamid Zaidabadi, the representative of Iran's Daya Atlas South-East Fireworks Company, told AVA reporter on the sidelines of this exhibition that this company operates in the fields of mining, road construction and tunnel construction.
He stated that the purpose of this Iranian company's participation in the industry week exhibition in Kabul is to transfer the expertise and experience of this company to Afghanistan and added that our company is ready to cooperate with the Afghan government in the field of mining, road construction and tunnel construction.
According to him, Iranian companies can transfer raw materials needed for mining to Afghanistan so that Afghanistan's mines can be extracted in a specialized way.
The representative of the Iranian company considered the security of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, to be excellent and stated that the field of investment and activity of Iranian companies in Afghanistan is ready.
Hamid Zaidabadi, stating that all Iranian traders, miners and mining companies are interested in investing in Afghanistan, says that due to the good conditions and the existence of many mines in Afghanistan, Iranian investors are interested in being in this country.
On the other hand, Ms. Elham Fathi, the sales manager of Iran's "Hessam Sanat Sharq Lighting Industries" company, in an interview with Ava reporter, said: "We are a manufacturer of lighting industries and urban design devices, as well as park and street lights, light tower bases, traffic bases, etc. we build."
According to him, this Iranian company exports its products to different countries such as Afghanistan, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
He stated that this company, Hossam Sanat Sharq Lighting Industries, has had various projects in Kabul, Balkh and Kandahar, and stated that they are interested in further cooperation with the Afghan government.
Ms. Elham Fathi says that the Afghan side is satisfied with the implementation of their projects in different cities of Afghanistan and after that they will have projects in other parts of the country.
Referring to the increasing interest of foreign investors in investing in Afghanistan, he said that the current conditions of Afghanistan are favorable for investment.
He considers the Islamic Emirate's support for the domestic production of Afghanistan to benefit the citizens of this country and adds that Afghanistan is progressing in the field of production for the needs of its citizens.
However, Mohammad Sangshuli, the representative of Nian Electronics Company of Iran, in a conversation with Ava's reporter, expressed his satisfaction at the participation in the national and international exhibition of Industry Week in Kabul.
He adds that their company is ready to cooperate with the government and the private sector of Afghanistan in relation to the transfer of experiences in electronic issues.
At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines and the Islamic Republic of Iran's Mines Engineering System Organization.
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