Publish dateWednesday 15 May 2024 - 11:40
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Putin: China-Russia relations are getting stronger
On the eve of his visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the relations between the two countries have reached their highest level and are still getting stronger despite the difficult global situation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On the eve of his two-day visit to China, which begins on Thursday, Putin said in an interview with Xinhua news agency that was published on Thursday morning: Russia-China relations have reached their highest level and Despite the difficult global situation, it continues to grow stronger.

He added: The important point is that today the relations between China and Russia are free from the influence and influence of ideology or political trends. The multilateral development of these relations is a conscious strategic choice based on the convergence of main national interests, deep mutual trust, widespread popular support and sincere friendship between the people of the two countries.

In another part of this interview, which was simultaneously published on the website of the Kremlin, Putin emphasized: the commercial and economic relations of the two countries are developing at a high speed and it shows immunity from external crises and challenges.

The President of Russia added: We strive to establish close cooperation in industry, advanced technologies, space, peaceful nuclear activities, artificial intelligence, renewable energy and other innovative sectors.

He also called Chinese President Xi Jinping a wise and intelligent politician who plays a special role in the development of relations between Beijing and Moscow.

In another part of his interview, the President of Russia said that Moscow and its partners in the West are trying to impose an order
They reject a world based on lies and hypocrisy.

He noted that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS group "have established themselves as the main pillars of the emerging multipolar world order".

Putin also addressed the war in Ukraine and said that Moscow is ready to negotiate a peaceful solution to this conflict, but any negotiation should consider Moscow's interests.

The President of Russia stated: We are looking for a comprehensive, stable and fair solution to this conflict through peaceful means. We are ready to talk about Ukraine, but such talks should take into account the interests of all the countries involved in this conflict.

He added that these negotiations should "include real discussions about global stability and security guarantees for Russia's opponents and, of course, Russia itself." These guarantees must be reliable."

Putin also stated that the West is trying to "punish" and isolate Moscow, and that the West is not ready to "participate in an equal, honest and open dialogue based on mutual respect and taking into account the interests of each side."
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