Publish dateThursday 16 May 2024 - 11:41
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Divisiveness is a betrayal of Islam/ The enemies of Islam are behind the ethnic and religious hypocrisy
Religious and political experts say that behind all ethnic and religious divisions and hypocrisy are the hands of the enemies of Islam and the people, they add that any action that causes ethnic and religious division and disunity among the Islamic community is actually a betrayal of Islam. 
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hojjatul Islam Noor Ali Fahimi Turkmani, Imam of Juma Masla of Madinah Al-Alam west of Kabul, in an interview with AVA reporter about some dissensions and hypocrisy by biased elements in the society, said that in order to maintain unity, empathy and convergence between People and dealing with hypocrisy and division in the Islamic society have been given important instructions by Allah.

He considered unity and cohesion to be the most fundamental factor of the dignity and authority of Muslims, and emphasized that the differences between Afghans in our society actually harm the people and benefit the enemies of the religion, people and the country.

Also, Mr. Fahimi Turkmeni called the current situation of Afghanistan in dire need of agreement, unity, empathy, common language and peaceful coexistence and added, instead of discord and division, let's take at least one positive step to build and improve our country and society.

This religious scholar also asked all the people, whether inside the country or abroad, to maintain their unity and agreement and refrain from any kind of action that causes differences between people and weakens religion and religious and national values. 

On the other hand, Gholam Ali Sarem, an expert in political and social affairs, in a conversation with Ava's reporter, also considered the act of dividing people, both religiously and ethnically, as a betrayal of Islam.

He emphasized that behind all hypocrisy and divisions in Islamic societies are the hands of the enemies of Islam.

He also revealed the tricks of the enemies of Islam to fuel differences among Muslims and stated that sometimes the enemies of Islam distort the Qur'an and the Jews have the upper hand in this matter.

Mr. Sarem considered all the fatwas of the Taqlid authorities to be united in rejecting divisiveness among Muslims and said that the statement that Grand Ayatollah Fayyad (blessings and peace be upon him) recently announced against hypocrisy and ethnic division is for all Muslims, especially Shiites and Especially the Shiites of Afghanistan are considered to be the most basic guidance and solution.

This is despite the fact that in recent days, some elements affiliated with the West are trying to fuel ethnic and religious differences among the society.
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