Publish dateFriday 17 May 2024 - 11:02
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Relations between Moscow and the Islamic Emirate are increasing/ "Taliban" are not Russia
The special representative of Russia for Afghanistan and the director of the second Asian department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country, who traveled to India to discuss the developments in Afghanistan, said that relations between Moscow and the Islamic Emirate are increasing, but at the same time, "there are certain political limitations." ". Zamir Kabulov emphasized that the "Taliban" are definitely not Russia's enemies.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Zamir Kabulov met and discussed Afghanistan with JP Singh, the regional secretary general of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his trip to Russia. In this meeting, the two sides, while emphasizing the necessity of providing development aid in order to create prosperity for the people of Afghanistan, discussed and exchanged opinions on how these two countries interact with the government of the Islamic Emirate.
"I can't say that the Taliban (Islamic Emirate) have become our number one friend, but they are definitely not the enemy," Kabulov told TASS news agency following the results of the Russian-Indian talks on Afghanistan in New Delhi.
He noted that relations between Moscow and the Islamic Emirate are increasing, but at the same time "there are certain political limitations": "Russia has not yet officially recognized the current regime in Kabul, but we are maintaining relations through our embassy in Kabul. We have preserved ourselves, we have allowed the Taliban representative office in Russia to operate at the level of a deputy, there is a military and commercial affiliate.
Russia's special representative for Afghanistan emphasized: "Before, when the Taliban were fighting the Americans, they said: "The Americans have a clock and we have time, and now Russia has both a clock and time."
Meanwhile, not only Russian relations, but there are signs that India's relations with the Islamic Emirate are also increasing.
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