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The brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on Jabalia; Courageous resistance of the Palestinian resistance forces
Even though the Zionist regime had claimed that it was able to destroy the Hamas resistance movement in the north of the Gaza Strip, now the army of this regime has resumed its attacks on Jabalia while facing the brave position of the Palestinian resistance forces in this area and in recent days Dozens of Zionist soldiers have been killed and wounded in this area.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the latest reports from the Gaza Strip, Israeli tanks entered the heart of the Jabalia camp in northern Gaza on Thursday, but were met with anti-tank rockets and mortars from the resistance forces in this area.
At the same time, in the south, the forces of the Israeli regime continue their attacks in Rafah. Despite the international criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu's war cabinet, regardless of the dissatisfaction of this country's allies in the West, it still claims that such an operation is necessary to destroy Hamas.
Even though the forces of the Zionist regime had claimed that they were able to destroy Hamas in the north of the Gaza Strip and the attack on Rafah is the last piece of the puzzle to end this Palestinian movement, now the army of this regime has been forced to act again to fight this group in the north. to be
The armed branches of the Hamas resistance movement and its ally, the Islamic Jihad, have been able to organize attacks against Israeli forces in the north and south using very strong tunnels.
The Israeli regime says four Hamas battalions are currently in Rafah with hostages taken in the Oct. 7 attack, but pressure from the United States, Europe and the United Nations to attack the city, where hundreds of thousands of civilians have been Palestinian refugees have taken shelter in it.
Lt. Col. Nadav Shoshani, the spokesman of the army, said in this regard on Thursday: "The operations in Rafah are being pursued in a limited way both geographically and in terms of objectives."
According to health officials in Gaza, more than 35 thousand Palestinians have been martyred by the Zionist regime; Despite the imposition of displacement, destruction and hunger on the Palestinians who have been left helpless at this point, it is still committed to continuing its attacks and operations.
The Israeli regime says it must destroy Hamas to protect itself, but even its allies do not agree with Israel on the practicality of such goals. The United States has repeatedly expressed doubts about the practicality of this goal of the Israeli regime and has warned Israel against a full-scale ground attack on Rafah.
While Israel announced months ago that the major operations in northern Gaza have ended, now the residents of this area say that the main market in Jabalia is burning under the fire of the Israeli regime forces.
In recent days, the tanks of the Nazi Israeli regime have heavily shelled the main market of the Jabalia camp, which is several decades old, and have set fire to several shops in this area.
Earlier, the armed wing of the Hamas movement said that their forces destroyed an Israeli military tank in Jabalia with an Al Yassin 105 anti-tank rocket, which led to the death and wounding of several Israeli military forces.
At the same time, the Reuters news agency, citing residents in this area, reported that the Israeli regime forces bombarded Jabalia frantically and destroyed the houses and the main market of the camp.
Meanwhile, Israeli bulldozers are destroying everything they see in their path and trying to raze this area to the ground. Actions that have increased casualties in an unprecedented way.
Palestinian medical team members announced that they were aware of reports of casualties in Jabalia, but due to the intensity of the Israeli regime's shelling and the active invasion of the army, they were unable to obtain accurate statistics.
The Israeli regime says that it has killed many armed people in Jabalia, but the authorities of this country made similar claims a few months ago and claimed that the cleansing of northern Gaza from Hamas forces has ended.
Meanwhile, in southern Gaza City, medical teams and emergency services said they were continuing to search for casualties after discovering dozens of bodies following a six-day Israeli offensive in the suburbs of Zaytoun and Sabra.
In the southern tip of Gaza, Israeli tanks maintained their positions in the eastern neighborhoods and the outskirts of Rafah, and at the same time, shelling and bombardment of Palestinians from the ground and air continues.
According to Euronews, the Israeli regime says that its attacks are aimed at destroying the Hamas resistance, but what is seen in reality is the increasing number of casualties among defenseless Palestinian civilians.
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