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America fueled the growth of drugs in Afghanistan/ the world should cooperate with us to eradicate it!
Political affairs experts ask the neighboring countries, the region and international organizations to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate to eliminate drug cultivation in Afghanistan and provide suitable alternatives to the country's farmers. According to them, America and the West have tried to grow drugs in Afghanistan and smuggle them to the world during the last twenty years.
Afgha Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, recently told the media that 97% of drug cultivation has decreased in the country.

He assured other countries about the prohibition of drug trafficking and says that countries should not worry about this.

Meanwhile, Seyed Gharibullah Sadat, political expert , in an interview with AVA reporter about the caretaker government's seriousness to eliminate poppy cultivation from Afghanistan's agriculture, said that due to the wars that happened in the country and due to the growth of poverty in Afghanistan, due to Due to the easy structure of poppy cultivation, the country's farmers turned to the cultivation of this inferior material.

He stated that one of the reasons for poppy cultivation is its high income and less use of water. He said that the countries of the region and the world have no desire for Afghanistan to become self-sufficient, which, including the United States and the United Kingdom, over the course of twenty years, instead of strengthening the legitimate agricultural structures in Afghanistan to grow He tried to smuggle drugs to the world.

At the same time, he adds that the cultivation of poppy is considered haram based on religious orders, if it is necessary to use it in spices, it should be cultivated according to the law and under the authority of the government and within a regular legal structure.

In the continuation of this knowledge of political issues, due to the fact that farmers are not harmed in eliminating the cultivation of narcotics, alternatives such as vegetable seeds, legumes, saffron, corn and other agricultural seeds that can be cultivated in the mentioned areas, from the government and society. International has raised and added that by providing an alternative, farmers will simply stop growing drugs.

On the other hand, Mr. Sadat asked the United Nations and international organizations to permanently eliminate drug cultivation throughout Afghanistan with the support of Afghanistan's agricultural sector.

Also, he said that Afghanistan is a landlocked country, our economic reliance is on agriculture and it is necessary for the officials and employees of the country's agriculture sector to be experts and professional and work professionally.

Pointing out that eradicating drug cultivation in Afghanistan is in the interest of other countries as much as it is in the interest of our country, he added that if the set of elements that suffer from the cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan or benefit from its eradication.

Mr. Sadat emphasized that drug mafias and the United States, England and other countries benefited the most from the cultivation of narcotics during the republican era and said: "Unfortunately, our people were victims and he also added that the Islamic Emirate should depend on the eradication of poppy cultivation from Afghanistan. 

He said that aid such as tractors, agricultural lending banks, modified eggs, construction of large water dams, and the freeing of Afghanistan's trade routes throughout the world, from the United Nations and international organizations, are the best effective solutions to eliminate the problem of drug cultivation. 

On the other hand, Najibur Rahman Shamal, who is aware of political issues, in a conversation with AVA reporter, said that the growth of poppy cultivation is the result of the wars that have occurred in the country for more than four decades and said that the Islamic Emirate's action is to eliminate poppy cultivation from Afghanistan. 

At the same time, he also asked the countries of the region and Afghanistan's neighbors to seriously cooperate with the Islamic Emirate in eliminating drug cultivation from Afghanistan, because considering the political and social crises that currently exist in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate alone is capable of Drug cultivation will not be eradicated from Afghanistan.

Mr. Shamal also added that, just as terrorism is considered a threat to all people of the world, drug cultivation and its trafficking are also known as one of the biggest threats to human society, which are not limited to a specific geography and threaten members of human society.

On the other hand, this person who is aware of political issues considers the problem of drugs as a global threat and in order to eliminate it not only in the geography of Afghanistan but all over the world, he asked all the countries of the world to play basic duties and roles in order to free the human society from this devastating calamity. 

This is despite the serious and extensive action of the Islamic Emirate in recent days to eliminate the cultivation of narcotics from the country's agriculture, due to the lack of suitable alternatives from the government and due to the lack of comprehensive cooperation of the neighboring countries, the region and international organizations with the government. The Islamic Emirate has faced some challenges and reactions in this process, both for the farmers due to the lack of alternative plans and for the government in implementing it.
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