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The latest search status of the president of Iran; The exact location of the helicopter was found!
While the Red Crescent of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced a few moments ago in an announcement: the news published about the finding of the helicopter of the president of this country and his companions is not true, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps refused to establish contact with the helicopter, find its exact location and move to This side has informed.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Regarding the latest developments in the search, the commander of Iran's East Azarbaijan Corps said: A signal was received from a helicopter and a mobile phone of one of the crew at the accident site a few minutes ago. Right now, we are moving to the target area with all the military forces and I hope to give good news to the people.
On the other hand, Ahmad Vahidi, the Minister of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced an hour ago: After the incident, all forces were mobilized; All groups, including the IRGC, the army, Faraja, Red Crescent, popular forces and all the villagers, spontaneously and with interest are looking to find the place of the accident.
He added: Considering that the area is steep and forested, and on the other hand, we are witnessing heavy rain, it is quite difficult to see, and for that reason, unfortunately, they have not yet reached the intended point, but the forces have a large presence in the area, and we hope that with the prayers of the people, every Get to the scene as soon as possible.
Mansouri, the executive vice president of Iran, also announced from the vicinity of the accident site: three helicopters were on this route, but the connection between the helicopter carrying the president and the other two helicopters is cut off, they are searching, with one of the The passengers of the helicopter and the flight crew have been contacted, which shows that the severity of the accident was not too great, the rescue teams of the Faraja Red Crescent, the Army and the IRGC immediately arrived at the site and divided the work.
He added: In the Ministry of Communications and other security agencies, the area of the incident has been determined up to a radius of 2 km. Due to the weather conditions, the work is progressing slowly, access to the area is difficult, and the cold weather and rain have also made the work difficult. We hope to see good news.
Meanwhile, the latest report of the IRNA reporter from the emergency situation management headquarters of the Iranian Red Crescent Society indicates that: the exact location of the helicopter accident of the Iranian president has been announced in an area between Ardeshir and Brazin in the suburbs of Warzaghan city. The area is rocky, foggy and rainy, and these conditions have made it very difficult to provide relief.
According to this report, about 240 Red Crescent rescuers have been sent to the region and are stationed in Uzi village. Also, the drone, rescue teams and Red Crescent radio communication center are present in the region. The Red Crescent Society is one of the search teams in the region, and popular teams and flat forces are also present.
Meanwhile, Turkey's Crisis Management Organization has announced that Iran has requested a night vision search and rescue helicopter from this country through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has been dispatched.
At the same time, Iranian people throughout the country have started praying for the health of Ayatollah Raisi and his accompanying delegation, especially in places of pilgrimage and mosques.
This accident has also been accompanied by the expression of severe concerns by the international community.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has also announced that it is following the news related to the situation of the President of Iran with fear and hope.
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