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Five days of public mourning in the Islamic Republic of Iran/ Confirmation of the first vice president in the position of managing the executive branch
Imam Khamenei (may God bless him and grant him peace) the leader of the Islamic Revolution, following the death of the Islamic President of Iran and his companions, in a message, while announcing five days of public mourning and condoling with the Iranian nation, as well as approving the first vice president in the position of managing the executive branch and preparing for the holding of the presidential election. Iran said: In this bitter incident, the Iranian nation lost a valuable servant.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: The text of the condolence message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution is as follows:
In the name of Allah
It was with great sadness and regret that I received the bitter news of the passing away of Mujahid, the People's President of Mr. Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin, Haj Seyed Ebrahim Raisi and his dear companions.

This unfortunate incident happened during a service attempt; The entire period of responsibility, both during the short term of the presidency and before that, was completely spent in non-stop efforts in serving the people, the country and Islam.

Aziz Raisi knew no fatigue. In this bitter incident, the nation of Iran lost a valuable servant. For him, the welfare and satisfaction of the people, which indicates Allah's satisfaction, was preferred over everything, so his annoyances from the ingratitude and taunts of some ill-wishers did not prevent him from working day and night to improve affairs.

In this serious incident, prominent personalities such as Hujjat-ul-Islam Al Hashem, the popular and reliable Imam juma of Tabriz, Mr. Amir Abdullahian, the active and militant foreign minister, Mr. Malik Rahmati, the revolutionary and pious governor of East Azerbaijan, and the flight group and other companions also joined the divine mercy.

I announce five days of public mourning and offer my condolences to the dear people of Iran. According to Article 131 of the Constitution, Mr. Mokhbar is in the position of managing the executive branch and he is obliged to arrange with the heads of the legislative and judicial branches to elect a new president within a maximum of fifty days.

At the end, I offer my sincere condolences to the dear mother of Mr. Raisi and his honorable wife and other relatives of the president and the respected families of his companions, and I ask for their patience and consolation and God's mercy for them.
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