Publish dateWednesday 22 May 2024 - 10:17
Story Code : 290767
The number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip increased to 35 thousand 647 people
The Ministry of Health of Gaza announced the increase in the number of martyrs to 35 thousand 647 people.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to Al Jazeera, the statement of the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip states that the Zionist army has committed five crimes in this area in the past 24 hours.
According to the statement, these crimes left 85 martyrs and 200 wounded.
The ministry also announced that including the new martyrs, 35,647 Palestinians have been martyred since October 7 (15 Mizan).
The Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip also announced the latest number of injured people at 79,852.
The ministry further announced that the bodies of a number of martyrs are still left under the rubble and left on the side of the roads, and due to the continued bombing, it is not possible to access and transport them.
More than seven months have passed since the beginning of the Zionist regime's aggression to the Gaza Strip without any results and achievements, this regime is sinking more and more into its internal and external crises day by day.
During this period, the Zionist regime has not achieved anything other than massacres, destruction, war crimes, violations of international laws, bombing of relief organizations, and famine in this region.
The occupying regime has lost this war regardless of any gains in the future, and even after more than seven months, it has not been able to force the resistance groups in a small area that has been under siege for years to surrender, and the global public opinion has committed obvious crimes.
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