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Foreign Minister of Qatar: The third meeting of Doha without the presence of the Islamic Emirate is without results
The Foreign Minister of Qatar met with the economic deputy of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate and asked him to participate in the third Doha meeting, because according to him, the Doha meeting will be fruitless without the presence of representatives of the Islamic Emirate.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)-Kabul: The Deputy Prime Minister's Department of Economics announced today (Thursday, May 23) that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met with Qatari officials, including Foreign Minister Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, in his office.
In the announcement of this vice presidency, it is stated that the two sides discussed the expansion of commercial cooperation and the foreign minister of Qatar said that the investors of this country will travel to Kabul in the near future to invest in Afghanistan.
According to this announcement, Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al Khalifa asked the Islamic Emirate to participate in the third Doha meeting and emphasized that this meeting would be "inconclusive" without the presence of the representatives of the Islamic Emirate.
Meanwhile, the "Arg" page of the Islamic Emirate said in a newsletter that the members of the political commission headed by Maulvi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the prime minister of the Islamic Emirate, discussed the Doha meeting.
The Political Vice-President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate said that "in this meeting of the political commission, the expansion of relations and interaction with a number of countries was discussed and necessary decisions were made based on the agenda."
So far, the Islamic Emirate has not officially announced whether they will participate in the third Doha meeting or not, but people in the know say that the possibility of the Islamic Emirate participating in the upcoming Doha meeting is high.
It should be mentioned that at the beginning of this week, the United Nations announced the holding of the Doha meeting on June 30 of this year, and while inviting the Islamic Emirate to attend the meeting, it stated that its purpose was to increase international interaction with "Afghanistan".
Following the second meeting of Doha, which was held on the 29th and 30th of Aquarius last year, the United Nations has announced that the third meeting of special envoys will be held on the 10th and 11th of the month of Cancer (June 30 and July 1) in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Will be held.
In the statement of the United Nations, it is stated that Rosemary DiCarlo, the deputy secretary general of this organization, traveled to Afghanistan in order to consult about the third Doha meeting and met with the officials of the Islamic Emirate and the diplomatic community in Kabul, as well as with representatives of the civil society.
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