Publish dateFriday 24 May 2024 - 13:27
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In retaliatory action, the President of Russia ordered the confiscation of American property
In response to the West's action to confiscate Russian property, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which American property in Russia is supposed to be used to compensate for the damage caused by the related action.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the decree signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the loss of the unfriendly action of the United States to Russia and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is to be compensated through the confiscation of the assets of the United States in Russia.
Sputnik news agency reported that EU countries have officially set up a program that allows the use of profits from frozen Russian assets to transfer funds to Ukraine.
Previously, Moscow had announced that if a decision was made to steal Russian funds, the exact same amount would be transferred from the account of Western countries to the Russian budget.
In this regard, "Maria Zakharova", the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said clearly today: "If the European Union uses Russian assets to help Ukraine, it will definitely feel the retaliatory action."
While calling this action "illegal", he said that this move by the West "undermines the foundation of the global financial system."
According to ISNA, the European Union and the Group of Seven (USA, Canada, Italy, Japan, France, Britain, Germany) have frozen about 300 billion euros of assets of the Russian Central Bank following the country's military operations in Ukraine. The issue of using this budget for the benefit of Ukraine and how it should be used has been discussed among these countries for a year.
Earlier, the Kremlin, regarding the discussions surrounding the confiscation of Russia's blocked assets, called it "encroachment on the assets of a country, state property and private property" and stated: "This action should not be considered a legal action, it is illegal and in any case Now, it will bring retaliatory measures and will be subject to legal proceedings. This action will also cause great damage to the economic interests of the United States."
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