Publish dateSaturday 25 May 2024 - 09:54
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The Hague Court: Israel must immediately stop the military attack on Rafah
The Hague International Court issued a ruling and ordered the Israeli regime to stop military operations in Rafah and to open the Rafah border crossing with Egypt to send aid to Gaza.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Reuters, the judges of the International Court of Justice issued this verdict yesterday (Friday, May 24) based on South Africa's request.

According to the report of this media, among the 15 judges of the International Court of Justice, 13 judges voted for this order and only two judges from Israel and Uganda opposed it.

The International Court of Justice has also ordered the Zionist regime to ensure the access of inspectors and fact-finding teams to Gaza and to submit a report on its actions regarding the implementation of these rulings within a month.

South Africa, which has opened a "genocide" case against this country in the International Court of Justice after Israel's attack on Gaza, asked this court to order Israel to stop the attack on Rafah in an emergency ruling.

The Hamas movement welcomed this ruling, but said that it is not enough and that Israel's attacks on all of Gaza must end.

The Zionist authorities have opposed this ruling and said that they will not implement it.

Reuters, quoting residents of Gaza and doctors, reported that after the issuance of this verdict, Israel carried out attacks on roads and houses in the neighborhood of "Shabora" in the center of Rafah.

Israel says that it will attack Rafah to completely destroy Hamas and will not back down.

The case filed by South Africa against the Zionist regime in the Hague Court demands the cessation of the military attack of this regime on Gaza. This case also accuses the occupying regime of committing "genocide". In a public hearing last week, South Africa argued that despite the court's initial ruling asking Israel to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid, the regime continued its genocide in Gaza apace and had reached a "new and horrific phase".

It is worth noting that the Hague Court does not have an executive arm, but ignoring its orders may cause further isolation of the Zionist regime.
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