Publish dateSaturday 25 May 2024 - 11:34
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South Africa: The Hague Court should issue an order to stop the aggression on the whole of Gaza
The spokesman of the South African legal team welcomed the ruling of the Hague Court on the need to stop the occupation regime's attack on Rafah city, and demanded the issuance of such a ruling on the Zionists' encroachment on the entire Gaza Strip.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After the International Court of Justice issued its ruling in response to South Africa's complaint against the Zionist regime due to this regime's genocidal war against the Gaza Strip, it demanded an immediate stop to the occupation army's attack on Rafah in In the south of the Gaza Strip, the spokesperson of the South African legal team announced: We are happy with the response of the International Court of Justice to our requests.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, the spokesperson of the South African legal team stated that we asked the Hague Court to make this decision regarding the entire Gaza Strip and to stop the aggression in the entire Gaza Strip.

He added: We believe that everything the International Court of Justice has done so far can be encouraging. We will also contact the Security Council to announce our request to form a committee of expert experts and conduct an urgent investigation (on the crimes committed in Gaza).

This South African official emphasized: The sentence issued by the Hague Court helps prevent Israel from escaping punishment.

He said about the support of the West and America to the Zionist regime at the Hague Court: We received messages from the West that warned about confronting Israel before the international courts.

While after South Africa filed a complaint against the Zionist regime in the Hague Court due to this regime's genocidal war against the people of Gaza, various countries joined this complaint and increased the pressure on the Hague Court. He issued a vote on the aggression against Gaza and stressed: Israel must immediately stop its military attack on Rafah. With the agreement of 13 of its members against 2 votes against, this court ordered the Zionist regime to stop the military attack on Rafah.

The head of the International Court of Justice said: South Africa asked the court to take more measures in accordance with the developments of the military operation in Rafah. The court notes that the humanitarian situation in Rafah is catastrophic after weeks of bombing. 

He emphasized: The temporary measures approved by the court in March do not fully respond to recent developments, and these conditions require the change of our decision issued on March 28.

According to the judgment of the Hague Court, Israel did not provide sufficient conditions to ensure the safety and preservation of the refugees' lives and their transfer from Rafah to Al-Mawasi. The court has found that the situation caused by Israel's attack on Rafah is an increasing danger for civilians.
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