Publish dateSunday 26 May 2024 - 10:40
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US President Joe Biden has, for the first time, admitted that Iran’s massive drone and missile strikes in mid-April against Israel, in retaliation for an attack on the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria, could have devastated the regime if the American military did not come to rescue Tel Aviv.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to IRNA, citing the ABC News website, Biden made the revelation during his speech at the United States Military Academy’s graduation ceremony in West Point, New York.
While pointing to the ongoing conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, Biden claimed: "There has been no period in the history of the United States as in the current time, we want to ask our military forces to perform different missions simultaneously in different parts of the world, including defending (the) Israeli (regime)”.
Without referring to the Israel bloodshed of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the US president praised the role of the American army in defending the Zionist regime: “Iran's massive drone and missile attack on Israel was devastating. And I appreciate the US military for responding quickly and helping Tel Aviv to defend itself against the attack”.
On 12th of April, Iran launched a punitive operation dubbed “True Promise” against Israel, firing hundreds of missiles and drones toward Zionist positions in the occupied territories in retaliations for the Zionist regime’s airstrikes on the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Damascus.
Iran then said it had well informed the United States about Tehran’s decision to punish the Israeli regime and after the operation was accomplished with strikes on Israeli targets.
Iran’s representative to the United Nations had also made it clear that Iran's military action was based on Article 51 of the UN Charter regarding legitimate defense in response to the aggression of the Zionist regime on Iran’s diplomatic places./IRNA
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