Publish dateMonday 27 May 2024 - 14:35
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UNRWA: The situation in Gaza is extremely critical
The Relief and Employment Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in response to the bombing of refugee tents in Rafah; He described Gaza as "hell on earth" and said that the situation in Gaza is extremely critical.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Reactions to last night's crime by the Israeli occupation army in Rafah and the bombing of the refugees' tents continue, and in the latest case, the Relief and Employment Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) said that the Israeli army families who seek It targets a safe place to survive.
Philip Lazzarini, Commissioner of UNRWA, said in this regard: "The situation in Gaza is extremely critical and we are fighting to deliver aid to the people of Gaza. UNRWA's position has been weakened in recent years and the situation has worsened by accusing UNRWA of participating in the October 7 operation." ».
Referring to the bombardment of the refugees' tents in Rafah late last night, he said: "Gaza is hell on earth, the pictures of last night are another proof of this fact."
Lazzarini also announced the death of 192 UNRWA employees and considered it an unprecedented event and said that he is extremely worried about the lives of UNRWA employees in Rafah.
In the last hours of Sunday evening, the Israeli regime bombed the tent of Palestinian refugees in the Rafah area (south of Gaza). In this crime, at least 40 Palestinians, including several women and children, were martyred and dozens of others were injured.
Since the beginning of the Gaza war, UNRWA has been attacked by the Israeli authorities because of its special role in providing aid to the people of this strip.
Tel Aviv claims that UNRWA cooperated with Hamas in the October 7 operation; A claim that some European countries initially accepted and cut off their relations with UNRWA, but after a while when Israel's false claim was proven, these relations were resumed.
In recent days, the Israeli military in Rafah blocked all the ways to access UNRWA and World Food Program offices in this city, and the residents of the city have no possibility to get humanitarian aid.
The continuation of Israel's actions against UNRWA has progressed to the point where Knesset representatives approved the draft of the first part of the law yesterday evening, according to which UNRWA will be considered a "terrorist organization".
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