Publish dateTuesday 28 May 2024 - 10:05
Story Code : 291090
Two Egyptian soldiers were killed in an exchange of fire with Israeli forces at the Rafah border
Zionist media sources reported today (Monday) about the exchange of fire between the forces of the Egyptian army and the army of the occupying regime at the Rafah border and claimed that two Egyptian soldiers were killed in this conflict.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Al-Mayadeen TV reported about this, quoting the Zionist TV channel 13: An exceptional incident occurred between the armies of Egypt and Israel at the border crossing of Rafah.

According to the reports of the Zionist media, the soldiers of the Egyptian army shot at the Israeli forces in the Rafah crossing area and opened fire in front of the soldiers of the occupying regime as a sign of warning.

The media of this regime subsequently reported the details of this incident: Egyptian security forces opened fire on an Israeli car and Israeli soldiers responded with guns.

Meanwhile, these sources reported that two Egyptian soldiers were killed by Zionist soldiers.

On the other hand, Channel 13 of the Zionist regime also reported about this: This incident represents the peak of tension between Egypt and Israel and can have very important political consequences.

Simultaneously with the attacks of the Zionist regime on Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, Egypt's concerns about the formation of a wave of forced migration into the country's territory have intensified.

Egypt has repeatedly warned the Zionist regime about the consequences and dangers of a ground attack on Rafah.

According to IRNA, by occupying the Rafah crossing, the Israeli army closed the main land crossing in the Gaza Strip through which the aid entered the Gaza strip. An action that carries the risk of aggravating the humanitarian disaster, especially due to the lack of food and fuel.
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