Publish dateThursday 30 May 2024 - 10:02
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The concern of the Israeli regime about the possibility of an Egyptian attack through the underground tunnels in Rafah
After an Egyptian soldier was killed in a clash between Israeli forces and Egyptian border guards yesterday, Israeli media have warned of the possibility of an Egyptian attack through Hamas tunnels in Gaza above the Israeli forces.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Following the death of an Egyptian soldier on the border with Rafah city, the Zionist media have raised the possibility of Egypt attacking the Zionist regime through Hamas tunnels in Gaza.

The Zionist regime's nziv news website, by posing the question: "Was Egypt involved in the construction of the Gaza tunnels with the aim of a possible attack on us?" claimed that there is a connection between the Gaza tunnels and the Egyptian army.

This Hebrew website wrote that at the beginning of the Gaza war, a large tunnel was found in the north of Gaza that cars could pass through, and on the other hand, the Egyptians, who armed Hamas, declared their opposition to the domination of the Zionist army on the Philadelphia axis in various ways. 

According to Tasnim, this news website wrote that another aspect that has not been taken into account is the military aspect of these tunnels, which are located along the Egyptian border with Gaza, and the Egyptian army can use these tunnels as a shortcut to penetrate deep into occupied Palestine. .

The aforementioned Hebrew website wrote that in the 1948 war, the nascent army of the Zionist regime was able to stop the Egyptian army in the outskirts of Ashkelon, after the settlers living in the kibbutzim prevented the Egyptian army from penetrating into occupied Palestine.

This news website went on to raise the question, "What would happen if an Egyptian army division came out of a tunnel in northern Gaza at midnight tomorrow and headed towards Tel Aviv and the air bases there?" "Compared to this, the October 7th attack will be childish folly."

Recently, the Egyptian army announced that one of its soldiers was killed on the border with Rafah and is investigating this matter.

Egyptian media reported, citing a source, that after the exchange of fire between Egyptian soldiers and the Zionist regime in Rafah, Cairo has warned about endangering the security and safety of its security personnel stationed at the borders. The killing of the Egyptian soldier has raised concerns about the region being drawn into an all-out war, especially as relations between Egypt and Tel Aviv are strained.
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