Publish dateThursday 30 May 2024 - 11:17
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Olympiakos won the European Conference League
Olympiakos football team defeated Fiorentina 1-0 with Ayoub El-Kaabi's goal and won the European Conference League.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Fiorentina and Olympiakos met in Athens, Greece in the framework of the European Conference League finals, and in the end, this not-so-attractive match, which was accompanied by few opportunities, was accompanied by Olympiakos' superiority in overtime. Fiorentina, who reached the conference league finals for the second consecutive season, once again faced failure and failed to win this trophy.

The match started and the two teams were just testing each other and rotating the ball in the middle of the field in the first minutes.
The first opportunity of the game happened in the 13th minute when Dodo's dangerous shot went out from the side of the opponent's goal.

In the 21st minute, Bellotti's dangerous header went wide with a very small difference.

A few minutes later, it was Olympiakos' turn, but Pudens' shot also suffered the fate of Fiorentina's attacks.

In the following, we didn't see another chance until the 40th minute when Al-Kaabi's dangerous shot was blocked by the goalkeeper so that the first half ended without a goal.

The second half started in the same way and both teams could not create a serious situation. Until the 62nd minute, we didn't see any opportunities from either team and the ball was mostly in the middle of the field until Dodo's shot went wide of the goal.

In the 85th minute, Horta tried to shoot, but this shot was also blocked by the goalkeeper, and nothing else happened in the second half, and the game went to overtime.

In the first half of extra time, Juvtic's dangerous shot was on the edge of the penalty area, which was met with a beautiful reaction by the goalkeeper. In the second half, the game continued uneventfully, and the teams only managed to keep the ball in the middle of the field until, in the 116th minute, Hetza's pass from the left side hit Fiorentina's goal and the Greek team took the lead.

In the remaining minutes, Fiorentina tried their best to make up for the lost goal, but was unable to do so, and finally Olympiakos won the conference league with a 1-0 lead.
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