Publish dateThursday 30 May 2024 - 11:41
Story Code : 291247
Hamas senior official Bassem Naim affirmed that the continuation of the Israeli aggression "means more Israeli captives in the hands of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: In an interview with Al Mayadeen, he responded to comments from Israeli Channel 12 regarding Israel's readiness for a long-term ceasefire, saying that "Israeli manipulation of words is unacceptable, as it must be clear from the beginning that a complete ceasefire is demanded."
Naim highlighted that Hamas' position on negotiations, alongside other factions, relies on the fighters' legendary performance on the battlefield.
He also noted the movement's previous acceptance of a proposal that met Palestinian aspirations.
The senior official confirmed that no one has contacted the movement recently, and no new proposals were made, underscoring the movement's unwillingness to engage in new negotiations while Israel occupies the Rafah crossing.
Naim added, "We are not prepared to open the door to discuss any new proposals, as per Benjamin Netanyahu's tactics which he adopted over recent months."
Furthermore, he clarified that the Resistance "will not accept using negotiations as a means to let the enemy buy more time to proceed with its plans against the Palestinian people," emphasizing that the priority for the Resistance is "protecting the Palestinian people from massacres."
Naim pointed out in his exclusive interview that there is "an Israeli attempt to cover up the massacres against our people by claiming that there is a recent movement towards negotiations."
Earlier today, a top Hamas official told Al Mayadeen that the Resistance movement is yet to receive any ceasefire proposals from the ongoing indirect talks with the Israeli occupation.
In the same context, a source in Hamas, speaking to the media, denied the return to the negotiations on Tuesday as claimed by Israeli media./ISNA
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