Publish dateThursday 14 July 2022 - 10:37
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Ghulam Reza Sadat: Joe Biden has traveled to Israel and Saudi Arabia for the first time since his presidency. According to experts, the trip was influenced by the Ukraine war and the global energy crisis, and most importantly, Biden's reneging on his promise to punish Bin Salman for his involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashogchi.
To evaluate the various angles of these trips, their motivations and consequences, some key points are mentioned:
First: Biden's purpose of traveling to the Middle East is to support the Zionist usurper regime, like previous American presidents. During the 70 years of the existence of the Zionist regime, American leaders have always expressed their full support for this regime through their trips to the region and Israel, and the Arab leaders of the region have a friendly relationship with this regime with all its crimes.
Before Biden's trip to the region, some time ago following the murder of Shirin Abu Aqleh; Al Jazeera's reporter by the Israeli regime in Palestine, the American government and political circles not only did not condemn this crime, but they tried to justify the crime of the Zionist regime and tried to cover up this heinous crime, but they failed. This is a small example of the world's arrogant support of the usurping Zionist regime, which has continued in this way for years.
Nevertheless, Biden's trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia these days is also in the main policy process of America. The purpose of this trip is, on the one hand, to further facilitate the relations between the Arab leaders of the region and Israel, on the other hand, Biden wants to complete the unfinished business of Trump, who previously forced many Arab countries in the region to directly communicate with Israel with military and political promises.
Therefore, one of the most important goals of Biden in his trip to east is to convey the friendly message of the child-killing Zionist regime to the Saudi leaders. Of course, the Saudi leaders have not yet been able to publicly communicate with the Zionist regime due to the fear of the majority of Muslims' disgust with the Zionist regime.
Now let's see if Biden succeeds in making public and facilitating the relationship between the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel, or better to say, establishing direct flights between Jeddah and Tel Aviv or not?!
Second: Considering the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the tensions that exist between Iran and the Zionist regime, Biden wants to express and reassure with the usual rhetoric like the previous leaders of arrogance in support of the Zionist regime, and the fear and apprehension of the leaders of this regime. Biden's assurance of a good nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic to the leaders of the Zionist regime can be reassuring for the leaders of this regime; Although the heads of the regime are strongly against the JCPOA; But America's guarantees can create a little happy memory for them, at least in the short term.
Third: Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia after the threats against bin Salman and the insults he gave to this angry prince following the murder of Jamal Khashogchi is a violation of Biden's moral and humane promise. What is mentioned in the evidence is that Bin Salman was directly involved in the murder of Jamal Khashogchi, and that Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia and meeting with Bin Salman is a violation of his moral and humanitarian commitment, as well as the promises that Biden made during his election campaign. . This actually shows the imbalance and human and moral commitment of arrogant leaders who do not believe in and commit to any of their commitments based on human rights, freedom of expression and human dignity, what is important to them is economic and material benefits.
Fourth: The issue of Russia and the war in Ukraine is one of Biden's goals in his trip to the region. In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the global energy crisis and the skyrocketing price of oil; Most importantly, Saudi Arabia's green light to Iran for the normalization of relations and intensive negotiations that have been going on for the past few months, these things caused Biden to abandon all his previous commitments to reject Bin Salman and rush to the Middle East.
Therefore, one of the most important goals of Biden in his trip to Saudi Arabia and the region is to obtain a commitment from the Saudi leaders to normalize relations with Israel on the one hand and to pressure the Saudis to take a greater role in the turbulent energy market.
On the other hand, Bin Salman does not mind that after the four-year isolation that occurred after the murder of Jamal Khashogchi and rejected the young prince from Western circles, especially the United States, he will make up for it by meeting and hosting Biden. In fact, Bin Salman is trying to break his unwritten embargo. Of course, it is expected that Bin Salman will welcome Biden in a way that will both satisfy Biden and close the case of Jamal Khashogchi's murder forever, which of course is not far from expected considering the interests of the West.
Fifth: Biden's trip to the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, pursues important economic interests. The war in Ukraine has raised the price of fuel and oil in the world to its highest point in recent decades. In order to downplay this disaster and control the price of energy and exclude Russia from the world markets, Biden is trying to get the commitment of the Saudi leaders to increase the extraction and export of petroleum products, in order to do this to the markets of the world economy, most of which is dominated by the United States. Yes, no more damage than this.
Time will tell how successful he will be in this matter.
The result is that Biden's trip to the Middle East is focused on securing the security of Israel's child-killing regime and the political and economic interests of the West, especially America. At the same time, with this trip, Biden showed that what is called human rights, freedom of speech, democracy and democracy in Western and American circles is nothing more than tools and instruments, and what is important for America and the West is economic benefits and domination over the nation. Not the killing of Abu Aqla by the Zionist regime, nor the killing of Jamal Khashogchi by Bin Salman. America is willing to sacrifice every moral and humanitarian obligation and human rights for its arrogant, colonial and hegemonic interests and its main ally, Israel.
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