Publish dateWednesday 31 August 2022 - 09:08
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Pakistan - Afghanistan; An endless enmity
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: Mullah Yaqoob's statements show that Pakistan's position towards Afghanistan has not changed even after the "Islamic Emirate" came to power, and the long-standing hostility of Pakistanis against power, peace and independence of Afghanistan still exists.
Mullah Yaqoob Mujahid; The Minister of Defense of "Islamic Emirate" asked Pakistan not to allow American drones to pass through the country's airspace and attack Afghanistan.
He said: "The Americans disabled and destroyed our radar system when they left; But our information shows that they [US drones] enter Afghanistan through Pakistan and use Pakistan's airspace. We ask Pakistan not to use its airspace against us."
He called the U.S. drone attacks "clear aggression" and said that this issue has been followed up through diplomatic channels and we have informed the U.S. of our "objection".
Meanwhile, Joe Biden emphasized two days ago: "Now we are maintaining pressure against terrorist threats without putting thousands of American soldiers in Afghanistan at risk."
Mr. Biden added that "my administration will continue to pursue terrorists who seek to harm the United States, wherever they are."
Mullah Yaqoob's statements show that Pakistan's position towards Afghanistan has not changed even after the "Islamic Emirate" came to power, and the long-standing hostility of Pakistanis against the power, progress, peace, peace and independence of Afghanistan still exists.
This is despite the fact that it was previously thought that the Pakistanis would abandon their long-standing hostile policy towards Afghanistan due to their strategic relations with the Taliban and after the establishment of the "Islamic Emirate" system, and would reject a harmful, interfering and domineering neighbor. If they become a sincere supporter and friend of Afghanistan and support and cooperate with the new system in order to achieve stability and establishment and sustainable power.
Not only did this happen; Rather, based on the statements of the Minister of Defense of the "Islamic Emirate" of Pakistan, after the establishment of the new regime in Kabul, it will become the first neighboring country that paves the way for the return of the Americans to the security and political scene of Afghanistan, and will give Washington a military base to attack Afghanistan.
This action is considered a hostile move by any country, and if the country that is the target of this anti-security program continues to emphasize friendship and brotherhood with it, it shows its weakness and indolence or even dependence.
However, Pakistan is now playing on the ground of Afghanistan's enemy and has abandoned a beneficial and fruitful relationship with Afghanistan in favor of its domineering bonds with the United States. This means that stability and security in Afghanistan, which implies stability and security in the entire region, is not important for Islamabad; because they are dominated by America and implement what Washington wants.
In this way, if from the Taliban's point of view, frequent patrols in the skies of Afghanistan and occasional attacks by American drones on parts of the country, including the capital Kabul, are a clear violation of national sovereignty, a violation of territorial integrity, and a serious threat to security. And the country's stability is a clear example of America's aggression and breaking its obligations in the Doha Agreement, so Pakistan, which provides the basis for this threat and aggression, is also a partner in what America is doing. Therefore, if the US is the "enemy" of Afghanistan, then Pakistan, which has joined hands with the enemy and is working against us, is also considered an enemy.
The point to consider is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, in response to the statements of Mullah Yaqoob Mujahid; Acting Minister of Defense of "Islamic Emirate" said that Afghanistan should end the use of its soil by terrorist groups to attack other countries.
This shows that Pakistan has officially sided with the US to deprive Afghanistan of its security, stability, peace and independence under the pretext of "fighting terrorism" and lay the groundwork for the open aggression of a foreign party on an independent country in its neighborhood.
In this way, the message of the recent tensions for the Taliban as the rulers of Afghanistan, who came to power after a difficult period of independence struggle with America and NATO, is very clear and clear, and that Pakistan's enmity with Afghanistan is eternal and unending. And as long as the government of Islamabad does not stop its interventions and sabotage efforts to destabilize Afghanistan and prevent development and stability in our country and does not end cooperation with the enemies of Afghanistan, this enmity will continue.
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