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Afghanistan and the created opportunities (1)

The expulsion of America from Afghanistan and the liberation of the country from occupation
Afghanistan and the created opportunities (1)
Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari/
With the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Islamic Emirate and its sovereignty in the country, great opportunities emerged, each of which is an important and major achievement of the Mujahidin of Afghanistan, which made other unique platforms and capacities available for the citizens of the country to fight with Using them in the prosperity, authority and greatness of Afghanistan, in the region and in the world, but still, as one year of the Islamic Emirate has passed, no real or legal person has specifically mentioned these opportunities, their reasons and consequences and they have not explain and interpret them.
In this article, we try to deal with some of these opportunities briefly;
The expulsion of America from Afghanistan and the liberation of the country from foreign occupation
The first important opportunity was the expulsion of America and its allies from Afghanistan and the liberation of the country from their occupation.
Americans, along with other NATO members under the name of anti-terrorism coalition, entered Afghanistan after the incident of September 11, 2001 and under the pretext of Al-Qaeda's involvement in the explosion of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the arrest of Bin Laden, and with the claim of defeating terrorism, They occupied the country for twenty years.
In the beginning, although by using the media tools, cultural and propaganda activities of their internal mercenaries, they enchanted the public mind inside and outside, they made it seem as if they were the angels to save Afghanistan from the crisis of terrorism, economic growth, security and freedom. They bring expression and democracy to our people but the occupying presence of America in Afghanistan, on the one hand, diverted the political opportunity created for the country to move towards a single and powerful nation-state and the violence that Bon was pressured to create a new political structure in Afghanistan and then the constitution was established in the Loya Jirga, an extremely ineffective campaign that widened the gap between people of different ethnicities and origins and prevented them from becoming a nation. Besides that, the leading American governments with the presence of this country's trusted technocrats in Afghanistan is a major reason for the failures of the past 20 years. In terms of security and military, the presence of the US and its allies in Afghanistan caused more insecurity and the creation, growth and support of terrorist groups such as ISIS. In terms of foreign policy, we have become the driving force behind America's goals and policies in the region in order to prevent regional convergence against America's ambitions and the development of the region and achieving lasting stability. In the economic aspect, we witnessed an extremely inefficient system modeled after western models called the free market. In the social and cultural dimension, we suffered countless damages, especially as a result of the widespread cultural invasion of the West in the society, especially against the foundation of the family, which was followed strongly with the support of some media supported by the West and practically turned Afghanistan into a non-Islamic country.
There was such a process that made the nation uncomfortable, then sensitive, and finally awakened, and slowly and gradually hard and soft, hot and cold fronts were formed in many parts of Afghanistan and a national jihad movement against the Americans and other NATO members. There is no doubt that the Taliban were in the stronghold of the hard war against the invaders, but it goes without saying that in the front of the soft war, with the exception of a number of technocrats from the West and a limited group of domestic self-sold, including some leaders of factions, currents and Ethnic and family parties claiming to lead the people, but transformed, most of the people of Afghanistan had a serious contribution and in fact it can be said; All Masjids, all takayas, many political and social parties and organizations, at least at the level of the middle forces, most of the seminary and private and even government educational centers, and all national intellectual, cultural and social capacities, were against the domination of foreigners, and each of them They fought against the factors, platforms and consequences of occupation, and even the largest demonstrations, gatherings, conferences, seminars, small and large gatherings and specialized and public meetings and extensive media and virtual space activities launched against the occupation, its harmful factors and consequences, the obvious examples of which are; The marches and gatherings commemorating the World Quds Day every year are opposition to Kabul's strategic and security pacts with Washington, etc.
Being in the scenes of soft war was not easy, but it was far more dangerous than hard war and for this reason, our people made countless sacrifices in the past twenty years, which is considered as the price of confrontation with the invaders, and thus tens of mosques, Takaya, educational and sports centers and offices of social organizations and even marches on the day of Ashura were attacked by American mercenaries, the most important and obvious example is the suicide attack against the central offices of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) in Kabul in 2016, during which 52 of the best academic and seminary elites were martyred, 140 people were injured, and the destruction and destruction of part of the building and the destruction of the cultural and media equipment of this institution followed, and thus thousands of young men and women. And fellow countrymen were martyred in the cause of Islam, independence and freedom of the people and the country, and many facilities and infrastructures were destroyed.
Although the Westerners have used all their material and spiritual, military and cultural media facilities and tools to achieve their evil goals with their occupying presence, in addition to Afghanistan, at least at the regional level, and if this presence is for Afghanistan in all material fields was so expensive that it may take tens of years to compensate for it, but in any case, the stubborn confrontation of the Taliban in the hard and hot military trenches against the aggressors and the glorious presence of the rest of the people in the soft and cold fields of Jihad, finally forced the invaders to were expelled from Afghanistan and thus once again the mujahid nation of Afghanistan created a historical honor for themselves and their country and caused a major threat to be removed from Islamic countries and even freedom-seeking humanity and thus created a great opportunity for us, the region and the world and made everyone understand that If collective perseverance is done for God and his name and remembrance and help and recourse to his close parents, great things will be done for the benefit of religion and people.
The defeat of the arrogant war machine led by the United States, even in our era, with the most manpower and modern and very advanced and even ultra-advanced military, cultural and media equipment, was an unimaginable phenomenon and until shortly before the collapse of the republic, no one thought Even an inquisitive mind could not imagine that a superpower like America, which was making the world unipolar and stood firm and strong wherever it set foot, would be faced with this scandal, with a historical threat, and that too in to fail against a nation that did not have much other weapons in their hands except with the power of faith, because when the Taliban had material tools and equipment, which was usually limited to a Kalashnikov with a motorcycle, or what other people had in the battlefields, they were very soft. They were very simple and common, and compared to the enemy's material and spiritual, military and media cultural facilities, the ratio would be zero and one hundred.
Therefore, the people of Afghanistan were able to create this great opportunity and make it available to everyone for domestic, regional and global exploitation only by believing in God and appealing to his close guardians.
This opportunity will not only be beneficial to the people of Afghanistan, but the countries of the region, especially China, Russia, India, and Iran, will also take full advantage of it. It will also be useful and helpful.
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