Publish dateWednesday 5 October 2022 - 10:41
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From Kabul to Tehran according to western media
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: During this period, when the people of Afghanistan are participating in a wide campaign to draw attention to the oppression of Shiites in the country, the major western media are still busy promoting violence in the streets of Iran and they don't want it. Stop spreading negative propaganda and inciting riots and violence.
In Tehran, a 22-year-old girl died while in the temporary custody of the Moral Security Police for violating the internal laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. His death was widely and unusually covered by the major western media, and this heavy bombardment of news advertisements by the western media caused the situation in the streets of Iran to become tense, and the opportunistic groups that had already created chaos and riots and the riots were ready to go into action.
All this while all the people of Iran and the highest government officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran reacted to the tragic and painful death of Mahsa Amini, expressed their regret, expressed their condolences to his family, and expressed their firm determination to investigate the reasons and Natural or unnatural causes of his death were announced.
The rioters, however, under the influence of the wave of western media propaganda, never waited for the results of the investigation and inspired by the provocations of the leaders of the other side of the blue, they entered the scene of riots and riots and made the streets in several cities of Iran unsafe, burned people's property, to the bank They attacked and chanted subversive slogans and even killed or injured several security forces.
Western social networks and news media, along with intelligence organizations, political authorities, and its security centers, acted with all their might to incite chaos and riots. Even in cases where they could not document the events inside Iran, they attempted to falsify news themselves, created false statements and produced fake news on a mass scale.
This was while the same media and social networks, previously accessible to Donald Trump; The President of the United States was banned from Twitter and Facebook forever for spreading fake news and inciting violence, and did not allow him to enjoy "freedom of expression" and promote his dangerous views and thoughts.
Regarding the events in Iran, social networks and famous western media tried without consideration to give a line to rioters inside Iran, incited them to destruction and violence as much as possible, designed and promoted slogans that break the foundation, and even methods they were taught how to make explosives, set fire, and destroy public property.
Western leaders and politicians, ignoring the destructive street riots and the visible and hidden hands involved in it, accuse the authorities of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian security forces of "repression", "violation of human rights" and "deprivation of people's right to peaceful protest". They accused and imposed new sanctions. This is despite the fact that there was no peaceful protest and rioters entered the scene from the very beginning to kill and set fire, violence and destruction, and the West supported them.
Ironically, at the same time as the street riots in Iran, a heinous attack occurred in the west of Kabul, and a Shiite educational center committed suicide in the classroom by a Takfiri mercenary terrorist supported by America and its regional mercenaries and killed at least 54 young students and injured dozens of others. At least 46 victims of this attack are young girls.
For the West and the Western media, it is as if nothing had happened. They covered this event in such a way that it seemed that the mass killing of Afghan Shiites was legitimate and permissible, or at least certain and natural, and that nothing unusual had happened. They even forgot how the Afghan people reacted to this horrible crime to draw the attention of the world, world powers, international media, human rights organizations and western social networks to the systematic killing of an ethnic and religious minority.
During this period, when the people of Afghanistan participate in a wide campaign to draw attention to the oppression of the country's Shiites, the major Western media are still busy promoting violence in the streets of Iran and do not want to stop spreading negative propaganda and fueling the rebellion. Take riots and violence. They carelessly talk about "regime change" in Iran; It is for a government that enjoys national and international legitimacy, was created by the vote of its people, and has comprehensive diplomatic relations with all countries in the world, except for the criminal America and fake Israel and some puppet regimes under their domination. It is an active and effective member of the international community and the United Nations.
These two events clearly show what Western human rights are, how the Western media, which claims to be neutral, independent, professional and non-ideological, is at the service of the regime, intelligence organizations and security apparatuses to insecurity and chaos. Dragging the target countries; But in much worse and more heinous events such as the Kabul massacre, where there is talk of the genocide of a nation, they either remain silent or simply ignore it.
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