Publish dateMonday 13 February 2023 - 09:55
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Forty-four stable and proud years
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Today's view: Millions of people march on the 44th anniversary of the glorious victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution and once again proved the undeniable fact that Iran is a single nation and all factions, currents and political, intellectual and ideological approaches for They are united in defending the territorial integrity, national sovereignty and political stability of their country against the arrogant conspiracies and their regional reactionary mercenaries.
The 44th anniversary of the glorious victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution was celebrated in a different atmosphere. While the arrogant mercenaries and apprentices of America and Israel in various western countries tried to overshadow the march of millions of Iranian people by setting up limited meetings and conferences, despite having propaganda devices and media giants that They have been planning and campaigning for this for months, but they have never been able to create a defect in the will of the Iranian people. On the contrary, this year's march was held with more glory and power, and the participants showed that their determination to defend the Islamic Revolution and its eternal values is still stable, and despite all the demands and expectations they have from the governments, they support The principle of the system and loyalty to the pure blood of more than two million martyrs and commitment to the ideals of Imam Khomeini (RA) are the red lines of the Iranian nation that no conspiracy will be able to remove, destroy and weaken.
The huge and glorious march of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution was held in a situation where the arrogant powers and the reactionary and mercenary regimes of the region with large investments in an effort to overthrow the Islamic Republic system and create crisis and chaos and instability and turn Iran into a Syrian There were others.
This project, like all conspiracies that were launched against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past 44 years, faced a disgraceful and shameful failure, and the people of Iran showed that they are alert, awake and stable to defend the religious values, the system Islamic and their revolutionary principles are standing and they will not allow the conspiracies and seditions and sprayings of the enemies of this powerful system to deprive them of their peace and comfort and their freedom and lead their country towards instability and anarchy. Civil war and division and attempt to lead.
Accordingly, this year's march, in addition to celebrating the 44th anniversary of a glorious, historical, popular and Islamic revolution, was a parade of honor and authority; Pride in the standing of a great and admirable nation that never kneels before problems and crises; Rather, it finds a solution, passes and emerges more powerful than ever. and showing the authority and greatness of a country that has been the target of destructive conspiracies of world-eating superpowers and arrogant powers throughout all ages and eras; But today it has become one of the biggest poles of power in the region, which is considered an indicator of peace and stability and balance of power and preserving the independence and authority of the Middle East and the Islamic world and the old continent.
However, the colonial media, which pretends to be professional and claims neutrality and moral behavior, while rioting and rioting by a limited number of deceived elements and influenced by the misleading spraying of the enemies of the Islamic Republic on a large scale and Ridiculously exaggerating and exaggerating, yesterday they violated all their claimed standards of professionalism, neutrality and journalistic ethics and ignored the display of the authority, greatness and unity of the Iranian nation and the glory and honor and empathy and Deny the incomparable standing of a single and united nation with humiliation.
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