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The endless absurdities of the United States

It's time for the world to punish Uncle Sam!
The endless absurdities of the United States
Habibullah Danishyar/ After the path of diplomacy between the West led by the United States and Russia reached a dead end, Moscow faced the only option, "Resort to military action in Ukraine", which was supposed to be quick, but now with the approach of America And the West has lasted. In 2022, Russia found itself in Ukraine not just against neo-Nazi groups and a few disciples of the Kiev mafia regime, but against the West.
From the very beginning of this special military operation, it was clear that Russia was indirectly confronting NATO forces, because the United States and NATO continued to provide weapons and volunteers to Kiev, and on the other hand, the Western media machine, along with all the media Socially, it restrained the public opinion of the West and even imposed some specific lines and views on it. On the other hand, all kinds of sanctions are imposed on Russia until it becomes the most punished and sanctioned country since the appearance of the human race on the face of the earth.
However, it is customary for the United States to use international organizations as a tool of political, economic and social pressure against any country that says "no" to Washington. The irony here is that the US itself may not be a member of some of those international organizations or treaties, but it usually uses them as leverage.
Naturally, a comedy has started since the start of the Western and American sanctions against Russia. Since the search for anything that could harm Russia began from the very beginning, sanctions were imposed on the Russian economy, social image, and even the arts and sports industries to harm the country. All international activities are prohibited in all fields.
On March 17th, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia (one of the nuclear powers and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council). This arrest warrant was based on allegations of child abuse and kidnapping from Ukraine.
We must go back and repeat that the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for the head of a large country. We are not talking here - with all due respect - about Sudan, Myanmar or any third world country that is usually targeted.
Before examining this story, we should take a brief look at this international organization.
The International Criminal Court is an organization established in 2002 to be a court capable of trying people accused of crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, aggression and terrorism. This court is trying to complete the existing judicial system in the West and is taking steps in the axis of their request, because it cannot fulfill its independent judicial role, otherwise, it could have taken a small step in the direction of investigating the American war crimes in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the court's competence is limited to crimes committed after July 1, 2002, when the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court came into force, and this in itself is a major weakness for this symbolic court.
Despite this weakness, if this court claims to be independent, it should be able to enter the stage of investigation and investigation and hold public hearings on the case that it dared to start as a show; The thick case of American war crimes in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, during the 20 years of direct presence in Afghanistan, the United States has committed major crimes against civilians, from bombings and blind operations against civilian targets, and turning people's weddings into mourning, to using all kinds of prohibited weapons and ammunition, and supporting terrorism. , especially the financing and organization of ISIS. These crimes, which have been registered in dozens of cases at the International Criminal Court, will expose the black face of Americans to the world even more if investigated.
In the case of Ukraine, the International Criminal Court in The Hague must file a case against the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine against the crimes committed by the Kiev regime and its allies before filing a case against the Russian president. Inevitably, they resorted to Russian military special operations.
Anyway, the endless but endless absurdities of the United States in creating and strengthening global crises, and now the crisis in Ukraine, continue after the shameful defeat in Afghanistan. While many believed that the end of America's presence in Afghanistan, after Iraq, would be the end of Washington's imaginary empire over the world, the crisis in Ukraine will destroy this country and its apparent power.
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