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A look at the future of Afghanistan, the region and the Islamic world; Opportunities and threats
Sayed Ayob Hussaini*/ The approach of interacting with the Islamic Emirate was very intelligent and necessary and prevented pre-planned conflicts from occurring. The Islamic Emirate must also understand the facts and seek to build the country and gather all ethnic groups together in the name of Islam and create unity. Although security is in place, it must identify counter-security threats and assure the countries of the region that no threats will be made against them from Afghanistan, and that the Islamic Emirate system does not seek to disrupt the global and regional order or to start a war. This assurance can only be achieved in the shadow of intelligence and military cooperation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Military Political Service: Afghanistan is a country that is constantly evolving and throughout its history it has always experienced various incidents due to the imprudence of its politicians and actors and has always been the center of power conflicts. Sometimes there was an opportunity to grow the country, but repeating the mistakes of the past caused war and backwardness. Afghanistan is a country with ethnic, linguistic, cultural and social complexities and also has significant challenges in the field of integration.
Afghanistan's geography and culture require it to communicate with many power centers of the world and take advantage of the balance between them. Afghanistan should be a neutral country. It is also a country that has good capacities to grow itself and others. (Stability in Afghanistan leads to the growth of the region and the world.) The system that Afghanistan needs is a system in which the government and its officials care about the country and can establish peace and create a system based on its diverse internal forces. It is to guarantee national security and to interact rationally with the world.
People accept a government that preserves their native values and pursues the country's growth and development. The officials of the Islamic Emirate are now satisfied with the interaction that the region and some countries of the world have with them and have welcomed it and have also announced that they want a relationship with the whole world, even America. But the reality about America is that the rulers of this country see themselves as superior and exceptional and are constantly plotting to interfere in the affairs of other countries. This is America's proud look and action that has destroyed its credibility. The unipolar system under the supervision of America has caused a lot of damage even to America itself and the people of this country, which is not included in this article and can be a separate discussion. Anyway, now the world has entered a new stage and new actors have emerged, each of them has a claim, so America has lost its power in various world arenas.
The issue I want to raise is the issue of energy, resources and opportunities that exist in the Islamic world due to its geopolitical location. Islamic countries mainly have huge oil and gas resources as hegemonic energy in the industrialized world. This capacity has caused the Islamic world to be referred to as a storehouse of energy, and it is natural for different countries to look at the Islamic world as a rich region and to design strategies for the Middle East and under the pretext of security stability and its effect on the price of oil and Emphasize gas. Big powers try to intervene in Islamic countries in the name of providing energy security in order to gain more energy benefits; for this purpose, they fuel the Islamic division and Shiite-Sunni debate.
Of course, these days the closeness of Iran and Saudi Arabia with the mediation of China has angered them and they should be more careful. The issue of terrorism is their own creation and they have admitted this and support terrorism in all aspects. Terrorism is a tool for intervention and insecurity in the region. The difference between the Islamic states and the countries of the region is also an excuse for intervention and sale of Western weapons. Although the Islamic countries are trying to take control of the energy markets through the creation of economic organizations, the lack of security and military alliance and the political gap between the Islamic countries and the region still provide the opportunity for the intervention of big powers and prevent the regional powers from using the blessing of energy.
With the opportunity that has arisen, the powers of the region should take advantage of the pessimism of the nation’s towards the policies of the United States and its allies, and by emphasizing on unity, they should pursue a real fight against terrorism and establish regional cooperation and convergence. Iran has an initiative which is the policy of friendship with neighbors. This policy should go further and be welcomed by all countries. There should be cooperation between China, Russia and Iran to negotiate with Pakistan in order to honestly fight against the structural terrorism that exists in this country. The existing structural terrorism in Pakistan can also be corrected if this country has independence and the elements of terrorism and Americans are expelled from Pakistan. Although you may say that Pakistan's rapprochement with India is impossible and both countries will not accept it, but if we tell them the opportunities so that they understand its benefits and understand that the threats of rapprochement are not so serious, they will definitely come to terms and agreements will be reached. I am optimistic about this.
The issue of Afghanistan is also very important. The approach of interacting with the Islamic Emirate was very intelligent and necessary, and prevented pre-planned conflicts from occurring. The Islamic Emirate must also understand the facts and seek to build the country. Although the security is in place, but the anti-security threats are swimming Sai and give the assurance to the countries of the region that no threat will be made against them from the soil of Afghanistan and that the Islamic Emirate system does not seek to disturb the global and regional order and does not seek to start a war. This assurance can only be achieved in the shadow of intelligence and military cooperation.
The Islamic Emirate should seek international and regional cooperation and participate in ensuring the security of the region and the world. The officials of the Islamic Emirate should seek to de-escalate and build trust and fulfill their responsibilities properly. The people of Afghanistan should also know that we do not need resistance and war again. We must use opportunities and create opportunities. I do not consider the opposition groups of the Islamic Emirate to be true sympathizers of the Afghan people; because over the years, they have shown themselves to be only opportunists and power seekers. Fugitive and treacherous figures should know that they are not trusted by the people of Afghanistan and the governments of the region and the world.
Regarding the formation of an inclusive government, my opinion is that the Islamic Emirate should use educated and intelligent youth in the country's offices to build Afghanistan and open the gates of schools and universities as soon as possible by observing and establishing Islamic standards. Defining an Islamic structure for schools and universities is not a difficult task. Afghanistan is an Islamic country and the Islamic Emirate is an Islamic system, so the Muslim nation must be able to work, study and live according to the laws of Islam.
The republic was a corrupt system that obeyed the orders of the West. Remember the state of domestic media, communities, offices, schools and universities in the last twenty years. People's grievances arose from the amount of widespread moral and administrative corruption that existed. Human rights organizations, the United Nations office, and the media were among the western propaganda centers that worked with the aim of destroying the Afghan Islamic society. Their demands were completely against the religious and national culture of Afghanistan. Therefore, people should think wisely and answer this question, what did the foreigners and their mercenaries who escaped, do for this country and its people?
They had misled our youth in the media by performing concerts and broadcasting western and immoral movies. They have never been in favor of a safe and prosperous Afghanistan and a free and informed nation and they are not. The nation stood by the Islamic Emirate against these anomalies. Afghanistan is an Islamic and traditional country with national values. Young people and dear people of Afghanistan should not ignore human and Islamic culture. Western culture and the freedom that they define, its consequences affect them as well. Westerners, who claim to defend human rights and defend women's rights, what value do they place on women? They love naked women and make her a political and economic tool.
During the last two decades, the appearance of our society was being polluted by the imported culture of the West. During the republic, many video and radio media were established, which broadcast and broadcast all kinds of programs contrary to the religious and national culture of the Afghan people. Immoral movies and CDs were passed from hand to hand in the street, market, schools and universities. Access to immoral sites and access to pornographic satellite networks was unmonitored and completely free. These are the cases that led the Islamic society of Afghanistan to the direction of neglecting the religion and leading it to the haram. The officials and actors of the society in the last two decades were either oblivious or they themselves were infected with all kinds of corruption.
Afghanistan's internal issues have nothing to do with the United Nations and countries. Their wishes and opinions are interference. If they mean to defend human rights, then why have they destroyed the warm center of family and society and are still trying to destroy it?! Of course, not only in Afghanistan, but in other Islamic countries and even in their own countries, this policy is invalid. Why don't they use the basic way to ensure human rights?! Why don't they follow up the crimes of America and NATO? Afghanistan is an Islamic and independent country. Providing human rights is provided within the framework of Islamic values and principles, and people must cooperate. As an ordinary and impartial citizen, I say that the Islamic Emirate definitely has a series of problems and it is not without problems, and if it is to be criticized and to speak fairly, the Islamic Emirate is also criticized and we have told them this as well. The Islamic Emirate should know and understand that the longer it resolves its internal issues, the more its independence and management are questioned. The countries of the region and the world should also give the Islamic Emirate a chance and increase their cooperation with it so that real reforms occur.
* Afghan political activist
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