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The Russian bear is still alive!
Habibullah Danishyar / Russia does not seem to be weakened, because it has stopped all the pressures and confrontations that it faces, especially in the situation that it has faced with almost all the Western powers. The Russian bear is still alive at the front and kicking hard.
The efforts of the West to apply pressure and systematic sanctions against Russia, which could bring down any other country, proved to be nothing more than an illusion. Of course, politics cannot be separated from economics, especially when dealing with superpowers such as the United States, China, Russia, and other wealthy and capable countries. As exactly General Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in his recent speech at a military ceremony: "The world now consists of three superpowers, America, Russia and China". This speech, which represents the brave confession of a soldier, represents the recognition of the truth and the rejection of all that the western media tried to dictate to the world during this time.
What is interesting about these statements is that Europe does not exist and this is exactly the evolution that is taking place in the international arena. In short, the Europeans foolishly swallowed Uncle Sam's bait. In the face of Russia's special military operations in Ukraine, European leaders are unconsciously moving in different directions, while the prosperity of their countries is crumbling, and their manpower is on daily strike, demanding justice!
The phrase "de-dollarization" is on everyone's lips today. No one is talking about what Western sanctions are doing to Russia? Understanding the adage from children's stories that "If you dig a hole for your brother, you will fall in it", today the world has realized that continuing on the same old path, especially the economic path, by linking its fate to The United States is absurd and useless, and the time has come to leave it.
It is safe to say that no country faces the most severe and extensive Western sanctions as Russia; before the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, 2,500 sanctions were imposed against Moscow, but in the post-crisis environment, according to the website "Tagschau", 11,000 sanctions have been added to the previous sanctions against Moscow in just one year but Russia successfully resisted these sanctions.
Russia began de-dollarizing its economy in 2014, when Western countries imposed sanctions after Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and reunify with Russia. This trend has accelerated after the West froze more than $300 billion of Russia's foreign exchange reserves and other assets last year.
The latest data from the Central Bank of Russia show that the Chinese yuan has become the main player in Russia's foreign trade. The share of the yuan in Russia's import accounts increased from 4% in January 2022 to 23% by the end of last year. The share of yuan in export accounts also increased from 0.5% to 16%.
In contrast, the share of the dollar and euro in Russia's export account decreased significantly last year, from 65% in January 2022 to 46% in December. In February, the yuan overtook the dollar for the first time in Russian history to become the most traded currency in the Russian market, according to data from Moscow.
Also, the statistics presented by the Central Bank of Russia show that this country has been able to successfully abandon the dollar in trade exchanges with BRICS member countries, including Brazil, India, China and South Africa, which are considered to be one of Russia's main trading partners.
Although these efforts on the one hand have strengthened the Euro currency in trade with Russia, unilateral sanctions against Moscow, and Russia's actions against these sanctions, especially against European countries, put Russia in a superior economic position compared to important countries. European and American countries and Russia's reciprocal sanctions have practically paralyzed life in the West.
According to the chairman of the Russian Duma, Western sanctions no longer create restrictions for the country's economy, but: "European countries are the first to suffer from these sanctions. "Last year, unprecedented inflation was recorded in the European Union, and now the Eurozone has entered an official recession, and the GDP is continuously decreasing in the second quarter."
For this reason, the attempt to impose Russia's isolation and punish Moscow with a lot of sanctions woke up the heads of many countries in the world. The heads of these countries realized that independence and protection of their interests intersects with the West and Washington, and the continuation of sanctions in this way, which is out of control, has become an annoying and provocative issue.
We have all simply come to the realization that we can no longer be trusted to deal with such a policy, because for three decades Washington has been dictating this policy of sanctions that everyone must follow, even if it causes problems for themselves in the short or long term.
According to experts, Western sanctions have isolated Russia from its usual Western business partners and made it necessary for this country to move to new markets. This mainly includes countries and regions whose governments have not participated in the sanctions against Russia. Amid this effort to diversify its economic ties, Moscow has shown a strong interest in Africa.
Therefore, the issue of America's shaky authority over the world economy has now become a tangible issue, the results of which we see today. Dunya Khan It is not a place where a group of children live and are punished every time they disobey their father (Uncle Sam).
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