Publish dateWednesday 21 February 2024 - 13:07
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The Doha Conference failed without the participation of the Afghan government
Rahmatullah Faizan/ On the 18th of February 2024, a two-day conference on Afghanistan was started by the United Nations in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Along with the special representatives of the UAE, Afghanistan's neighboring countries such as Iran, Pakistan and China, a number of so-called Afghan figures who have neither roots in the people nor influence among the political opponents of the Afghan government were called. They are called to have influence.
Before the start of the meeting, the United Nations tried to invite the participation of the representatives of the Afghan government, although the Islamic Emirate called the Doha meeting a good opportunity for Afghanistan to discuss the controversial points in this meeting. The Emirate showed its willingness to participate in the Doha Conference by imposing some conditions before participating in this meeting.

One of the important conditions of the Afghan government is that the Islamic Emirate will participate on behalf of Afghanistan as the only responsible party, and the Doha meeting will provide a basis for high-level discussions on all issues between the Afghan delegation and the United Nations.

The United Nations and the international community always insist on expanding the interaction with the current government of Afghanistan, but they have not yet defined the nature of this uncertain interaction, nor have they accepted the legitimate demands of the Islamic Emirate in the Doha Conference.

It is known from the crooked behavior of the United Nations that they are not truthful in their words and actions, instead of taking into account the concrete ground realities of Afghanistan, by organizing meetings without an agenda, they focus on minor issues instead of fundamental issues and they want to divert the international public mind, to continue and protect Western interests in Afghanistan and the region and to disturb the current peaceful situation in Afghanistan and to start a new game in our country.

The Western invasion of Afghanistan proved that the United Nations and the West were the main players in Afghanistan's problems and difficulties.

Before the start of the Doha meeting, analysts had predicted that if the representatives of the Afghan government do not participate in this conference, this conference will lose its importance, and if the Afghan government participates in this meeting without specific demands, it will be doubtful. 

One of the main objectives of the United Nations conference in Doha was to appoint Fereydon Senior Oglu as Turkey's special representative on the issue of Afghanistan, but with this decision of the United Nations, the Afghan government has already expressed its desire. had expressed opposition.

After two days of deliberations, the United Nations Doha meeting ended without any consensus on the appointment of a new UN representative for Afghanistan. With this, the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Emirate gave the first blow to the United Nations and the predictions of the analysts who said that without the participation of the Afghan government, the Doha meeting will fail.

The Islamic Emirate proved with its political insight by not participating in the representative conference in Doha that the current system of Afghanistan is not under the influence of anyone like in the past. Afghanistan will not be a repeat of failed experiences like the past 20 years, nor will it give in to unilateral imposed decisions and pressures.
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