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Unsuccessful surfing by the opponents of the caretaker government in the Badakhshan incident/ There is currently no problem in Badakhshan!
Ehsanullah Kamgar, the spokesperson of the Badakhshan Province Police, told AVA reporter about the recent incidents in the province that the opponents of the Islamic Emirate and those who are trying to abuse the incidents in Badakhshan should learn from people's reactions against them in virtual and real space. On the other hand, experts in the political and social affairs of the country say that the political opponents of the Islamic Emirate abroad are looking for a hope to come forward and they want to take advantage of the events in Draim and Ergo districts for their own benefit, But the government's self-restraint and sending a delegation from Kabul to Badakhshan nullified the opposition's destructive equations.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-Sharif: Regarding the latest details and information about the Badakhshan protests, and the reactions of the government's political opponents to it, Ihsanullah Kamgar, the spokesperson of the Badakhshan Provincial Police, told the AVA reporter: "The political opponents of the Islamic Emirate abroad don't deserve to take a position because they are characterless, weak and unwilling people because they are not worth friendship or enmity.

He clarified: The political opponents or the opposition of the Islamic Emirate do not have the authority to make decisions and their every word or action depends on strangers and foreigners, therefore the words and actions of the opponents of the Islamic Emirate have no value for the people of Afghanistan.

He also added: "The people of Afghanistan recognized the self-proclaimed foreign leaders, and if you read the opinions of these people's online pages, you will know how much people hate this kind of people, but they still have no shame and conscience and without reason to comment.

The Badakhshan police spokesperson added: "Opponents of the Islamic Emirate should learn from people's reactions against them and avoid deviant paths, but they do not do this because they do not have the ears to hear and the ability to accept the truth."

Kamgar said: The opponents should know that spreading rumours. why did they flee the country after the humiliating withdrawal of America, and the fact that they could not stand and resist against the forces of the Islamic Emirate after the withdrawal of the Western invaders.

He stated that the opponents of the Islamic Emirate abroad only think about their "benefits and luxury" and the situation of the people is not important to them, adding that chaos in Afghanistan is considered a source of income for the opponents of the Islamic Emirate and they want to do so. 

He suggested for the opponents of the Islamic Emirate to return and live a peaceful life in the homeland and added that "the fugitive leaders should repent of their actions and believe in Allah.

The spokesperson of Badakhshan police also considered the government's action in eradicating poppy cultivation as humane and Islamic and acknowledged that about 10-12 percent of Afghan people were addicted to drugs during the rule of the republican system, but the system of the Islamic Emirate prohibited the cultivation and use of this sinister phenomenon and will fight until the destruction of poppy cultivation in the country.

He added: Eradication of poppy and narcotics in the country is the will of the people, that is why the campaign against poppy cultivation is going on in the whole country, including Badakhshan province, and last Friday the forces of the Islamic Emirate were sent to clean up the poppy field in Qarlag village of Badakhshan province. A number of exploiters or possibly smugglers opposed the farmers' incitement to secure their inhumane interests by stopping the destruction of poppy fields.

The spokesperson of Badakhshan police in the details of the controversy that happened in Draim and Ergo districts added: When the farmers, provoked by drug abusers or drug traffickers, want to use sticks and stones to prevent the security forces from destroying the poppy fields, it turns out that the farmers Military vehicles attack, here a person dies after being shot by the security forces.

He said that the opposition to the security forces for the destruction of the poppy fields spread in a few limited places, but the problem was solved with the mediation of Hassan Sefidan, and for now there is no problem at the level of Badakhshan province.

He added that the behavior of the officials and employees of the Islamic Emirate government towards the people is decent and good, and there is monitoring of the actions of all government officials, and if someone wants to abuse the name of the Islamic Emirate, he will definitely face serious action.

The Badakhshan police spokesperson said that the people are satisfied with the security forces' actions and that the rumors about men and women being disrespected by the security forces are not true. According to him, journalists and any person can travel to Badakhshan and investigate the controversies of the last few days.

Recently, he added: High-ranking officials of the Islamic Emirate have traveled to Badakhshan to investigate the issue, and in this context, the local people will be investigated in person so that the issue is clarified for everyone.

The forces that fire towards the people will be tried
Meanwhile, Abdul Matin Qane, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, said regarding the incident in Badakhshan: The delegation of Kabul to Badakhshan agreed to meet with the people to convert the forces that were sent to destroy the poppy fields in those areas and replace them with other people.

He stated that according to the justified will of the people, the people who shot at the civilians will be introduced to the judicial institutions.

Biased people and media conspire
However, after the events of the last few days in Badakhshan province, which occurred following the destruction of opium plantations, Qasim Nazari, an expert on political and social issues in Balkh province, says about these events and the position of the caretaker government that "the people of Afghanistan at all levels, especially They are standing by the government of the Islamic Emirate to eliminate the cultivation of poppy and drugs; But biased and utilitarian people and media conspire by seizing the opportunity.

He clarified that the controversy that occurred in Badakhshan between the security forces and a number of farmers became an opportunity for those who rode on the people's dust and drank from the people's blood in the past twenty years, to enter the field and spread division, sectarianism and ethnicity. instigate chauvinism to secure their own evil interests.

Nazari stated that the people of Afghanistan are aware and awake and the enemies and fugitive foreign leaders cannot achieve their evil intentions and the situation in Badakhshan is normal and under control.

He said that the government of the Islamic Emirate and the people of the country defend the civil rights of the residents of Badakhshan, therefore, a high-level government delegation has left for Badakhshan province to deal with the controversy.

On the other hand, Seyed Mohammad Yazdan Parast, a media and cultural expert in Balkh province, says in this regard: "I think that any kind of movement that leads to chaos is the culprit, and poppy fields are the source of lawlessness, instability, Insecurity and strengthening the economy is considered a crime."

He mentioned about the basic plans to eradicate poppy and drug cultivation in the country and added: In any action, understanding with the people is important and any kind of ethnic and sectional differences should be avoided and payment in agricultural matters and alternative cultivation for Supporting farmers is essential.
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