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The perpetrators of theft and fraud should be punished in the presence of the Afghan people
Rahmatullah Faizan/ Some young people think that the war in Afghanistan started after the victory of the Afghan Jihad against the Soviet Union, but this is not the truth. The 40-year war in Afghanistan began on April 27, 1978, with the support of the Soviet Union, after the overthrow of the government of Mohammad Dawood Khan by the leader of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan, Noor Mohammad Taraki, and other mercenary Afghans.
In addition to treason and treason, communists commit murder, crime, torturing ordinary people, filling prisons with innocent Afghans, bombing villages and gangs, spreading irreligion and moral corruption, suppressing national and popular uprisings, among others. Crimes were also involved in financial fraud and corruption.
In his memoirs, the head of the KGB archive, Mutrokhin, reveals the financial corruption of his mercenaries and workers and writes: When the former head of AXA, Asadullah Sarvari took refuge in the KGB hideout in Kabul, during the search, 42 million 200 thousand Afghani and 53 thousand 930 Dollars were found in his car that he had stolen from AXA.
Hafizullah Amin, who was the second most powerful person of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan and the government, forced Asadullah Sarwari to give him and his nephew Asadullah Amin a share of the money obtained from the sale of anti-revolutionary property.
Mitrokhin says that for the sale of properties seized by Hafizullah Amin in Kabul, guidelines were prepared for the sale of properties and the money from the sale of confiscated properties went to Hafizullah Amin's pocket.
Afghan communists looted the houses of Mujadadi gentlemen located in Javad Qala, who were also known as Shore Bazar gentlemen, and stole 4 million Afghanis, 800 gold coins and 12 boxes of women's jewelry from their homes.
All valuables that were stolen from the palaces of Mohammad Zahir Shah and Mohammad Dawood were handed over to Hafizullah Amin and his relatives. In June 1879, Amin's son secretly sent 128 kilograms of valuables belonging to Zahir Shah and Dawood Khan to Japan.
Mitrokhin later writes: Of the 55 million and 800 thousand Afghanis that the Soviet Union gave to Afghan security institutions, only 25 million and 800 thousand Afghanis were used and the remaining 30 million Afghanis were deposited into Amin's personal bank account.
This was the situation of financial corruption and fraud in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Now, let's take a look at the situation of the Islamic Republic, which was created as a result of the invasion and aggression of the West:
After the Islamic Emirate came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, there were reports that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the former president of Afghanistan, hid $168 million for himself and his loyalists, but he strongly refused and said: I left Afghanistan with only clothes.
Sigar investigated this issue and said in a report after several months of investigation: Our report shows that the former president left the country with at least one million dollars.
Recently, the new findings of a research organization called "Organized Crime and Administrative Corruption Reporting Project" show that at least 10 former officials of the Afghan government, including the former president of the Wolesi Jirga, Marshal Fahim, Ahmadwali Masoud, Hamed Karzai, including their financial relatives and has bought properties worth millions of dollars in the United Arab Emirates.
Mir Rahman Rahmani, the former Speaker of the Afghan Parliament and his son Ajmal Rahmani, who are corrupt officials of the previous government, bought the most properties in Dubai, which are worth a total of 15 million dollars.
The family of Marshal Fahim's brother and Adib Fahim, Marshall's son, are among those who have been registered in document corruption cases, and the Fahim family bought properties worth 12 million dollars in the United Arab Emirates.
The truth is that these thugs and traitors came to power in Afghanistan with the will of America and the support of the international community. This field was provided by the occupying forces for these thieves and criminals.
The international community and the United States have a moral responsibility to document the corruption and theft of others, share it with the Afghan people, return the stolen property to the Afghan people, and punish the perpetrators of theft and fraud in front of the Afghan people.

Asadullah Khalid, the former head of national security and the former minister of defense of Afghanistan, is another official of the previous government who bought real estate worth 5.492 million dollars in one of the areas of Dubai.

In this report, the names of Rashid Popel and Rateb Popel, the cousins of Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, are also mentioned. According to this report, Rashid Popel bought an expensive apartment in Dubai worth more than 3 million and 824 thousand dollars.
Ahmadwali Masoud, the brother of Ahmad Shah Masoud, who previously worked in various government positions, including Afghanistan's ambassador to Britain, also bought an apartment in Dubai worth $1.853 million.
Amirza Sangin, the former Minister of Communications of the Afghan government, bought two apartments in Dubai worth a total of $780,000.
The thefts and frauds of high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic cannot be limited to the above few people, but the majority of senior members of the fallen government, a number of jihadi leaders and civilians, as well as survivors of communist militias and other criminals, are directly or indirectly involved in corruption. they had.
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