Publish dateMonday 27 May 2024 - 10:50
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Economic crisis and bankrupt market; No money, no Pakistan
The economic crisis has engulfed all of Pakistan; All the states of this country are suffering greatly from this area. This problem has greatly troubled Pakistan, which is facing many security challenges and political anomalies. The stock markets of this country are also not in good condition.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - News Analysis and Research Service: Another important economic challenge of Pakistan is capital flight from this country. Investors are looking for a safe haven. Meanwhile, Pakistan is not among the list of investors. The situation of Pakistan has become dangerous due to facing economic problems and increasing insecurity, and experts believe that with the increasing level of poverty and economic inadequacies in the Pakistani society, this country will witness an increase in serious insecurity and instability.
Therefore, in order to improve the structure of its bankrupt economy, despite requesting long-term and short-term loans from China, the government of Pakistan is looking for an immediate aid worth 100 billion dollars from the international community to overcome its economic problems. Meanwhile, the lack of electricity has affected businesses and various economic sectors in Pakistan.
Critics of the Pakistani government believe that there is a gap in the country's policies, and American intelligence agencies have also reported that Pakistan is on the verge of economic bankruptcy. American experts conclude about the current situation of Pakistan as "lack of money, lack of energy, lack of government".
The increase in economic problems in Pakistan and the unprecedented spread of corruption in the security and defense institutions of this country cause the armed groups against Pakistan to speed up their activities by using the opportunity. Although the International Fund promised 3.5 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan in July of last year (2023), still inflation in Pakistan is 25%, while in some food items this amount reaches 100%.
During the last one year, the currency of Pakistan (rupee) has lost more than 50% of its value, and this has caused more families to taste the taste of poverty, and as a result, the alarming state of security caused by management disorders in the government and The state of economic bankruptcy will rule over this country.
The security situation of this country is now so dire that even the Pakistani army, despite boasting of the best army in the region, does not have access to most of the Pashtun Khwa tribal areas and some areas of Baluchistan, and by blaming some neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, for the insecurity. Existing in Pakistan, it has run away from its responsibilities and is throwing dust in the eyes of its people and confusing the public mind.
In any case, the prevailing security and economic situation in this country, which is the result of the inefficiency and widespread corruption of the incompetent army generals and the leaders of the covert system of this country, has ultimately led to the flight of capital and the deepening of the challenges in this country; Something that can make the situation even more critical and bring the risk of the complete destruction of this country.
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